These are "The Facts"

:twisted: In Edmonton, our children sharpen their teeth on Lion carcuses... just like you putty-tats do on Argo pantaloons. We are going to pound your hamstrings until your nine pussey-lives are up and no longer can pounce on your most recent competition's strong, cold, feverish, Eskimo jock-straps.

We have much bigger balls than you. :evil:

p.s. Lions can lap this up, because they suck so hard. :shock:

p.p.s. I just punched a hole in my beer-can, just like R.R. will punch a hole through your completely sensually penetrable defence. :twisted: :evil:



oh ya....well.....well....

Eskimos...uhm, talk funny and eat whale blubber - gross.

hahahaha.... ok buddy... you watch tomorrow night... you'll see that it'll be Dave punching holes through your defence... the Lions WILL come out on top tomorrow night... so start preparing your excuses now...

Oatneal said:
oh ya....well.....well....
Eskimos...uhm, talk funny and eat whale blubber-gross?
yeh ok u piece of shit we will see about that on friday
and no bc will not win the cup this year... they hafta get by my edmonton eskimos first and even if u do toronto will beat u again
bc sucks some serious testies :lol:

bonj, grow up. Take a joke, and don't be so crass.

we've already beat Toronto twice this year.... i don't think we'll have a hard time doing it again... and we'll get by your eskimos tomorrow night

Hopefully you guys don't take my "post" too seriously, I'm just getting fired up for the game on Friday.

Bonj - I like your spirit & the team that you cheer for: you're a KILLER! However, I must humbly request that you stop eating kittens in preparation for this game, or at least get a vaccination. :oops:

Chronicguy - I will compile a list of excuses and post them for you in the unlikely event that the Eskimos lose on Friday. I might even apologize and retract my previous post [although not entirely - myself and (I'm just guessing) all other Eskimo fans have gigantic (foot)balls].

I hope that this will be the best game yet for both teams. As long as I see Dickenson get hit so hard that his wife dies, I'll be happy.

hahaha... i can't wait to read them... and it will be a great game... close..but the Lions will come out on top :stuck_out_tongue:

I already have a few ready. I won't reveal them yet, because that would be treasonous. I should mention that you must also prepare a short essay about why your team lost... you know as well as I do that either team COULD win this, but that BC SHOULD win this (Ya, I said it - you want to fight about it?).

That being said, the Eskies determine who wins or loses ---- even when they aren't playing... they are Gods. POW!!! - Sask loses 3 straight... Nealon's fault? Nope... Hugh Campbell's.

i won't need any essay on why we lost.... cuz we won't :lol:
but if somehow BOTH Dickenson and Printers mysteriously dissapear before the game and we lose... i'll whip something up after i get home from the game.

Just another fan who's team cannot backup his words, lol. It was a good game though. I'll be waiting next week for Stamps fans to start warning us about how they are going to whip us..

Stamp fans have actually been pretty good, they've shown alot more class some of these guys lately.

:roll: *sigh*

That was a great game to watch, best game I've seen all year. It was classic to see Casey Printers in, what an outstanding athlete. As an Eskimo fan, I also rather enjoyed seeing him get pounded by our pass-rush.

Chronicguy - it's time. Excuses are lame but I made a vow...

  1. Davis Sanchez - I think that this guy is a game-breaker, and although he's only one corner, his athleticism allows the D to concentrate on other aspects, maybe leading to more coverage sacks, maybe more forced throws leading to turnovers. Our patchwork secondary played very well, however, except for all of those interference calls (one was bunk), and Frank throwing the receiver out of the way in the endzone was hilarious.

  2. Trevor Gaylor - What an awful game! He is primarily responsible for one pick leading to a TD.

  3. Reffing - I didn't have a big issue with the reffing (a couple of bad-calls... went both ways). I just thought that would be an excuse you would want to hear.

  4. Wally Buono - Man, that guy must hate Edmonton. He's a real trickster when we play him. I don't believe that Dickenson had "back-spasms". A little far fetched, but I think that Dickenson would have actually been murdered by Montford. I'm on to your ruse, Buono.

  5. BC - They must have put something in our water. The Eskie offense didn't show up until the third quarter... It couldn't possbily be our team, or BC's defense, so it must have been "special" water for the away team.

  6. There were obviously staples in the BC players' cleats. That is the only reason why we missed tackles.

Josh - It was all in fun (albeit classless), now you're just being mean :smiley:

B.C. beat eskos

haha for you

Touche, Xephedrine.

good excuses sparta :lol:

nothing to say with the first 2...

#3 thats the one excuse i don't really want to hear from Esks fans (even though you just threw that in there for the hell of it... so not you but other Esks fans)... yeah the refs kinda sucked.. though they tried to even out bad calls both ways... on one of the questional PI's they made up for it 2 plays later when Casey threw one out the back of the endzone and our reciever was a good 3 yards out the back of the endzone when an Esks player jumped him..... should have been a major roughing call that woulda put us first and goal instead it went to 3rd down and we had to settle for a FG.. and the non call on the PI in the last Esks drive was a make up for missing a blatent holding call a couple of plays earlier that would have pretty much ended the drive right there.

#4.. i think Dave really was hurting... why they would put Casey in to start a game as big and important as last nights when Casey hasn't taken a real snap since mid november? doesn't make sense... not even to save Dave from getting hit... besides... this can't be an excuse for the Esks losss in fact it was a reason they should have won... we were using a QB with a lot of rust on him... and i mean LOTS of rust..

#5 i think it was our D... we had great D in the first half... they slacked off a bit in the second... but came up big when needed... the Esks O has had nights like this before... the tight game vs. Wpg. a few weeks back comes to mind..

and if the Lions has staples in their cleats to stay on their feet.. so did the Esks... lot of missed tackles by BC too... i think there are too many players these days that go for the ball first and the tackle second instead of the other way around like it should be... and hence miss the tackle...

anyways... it was a great game... was on the edge of my seat for almost the whole 4th quarter... lost my voice.... watched the Lions win... it was a great night... and don't fret Esks fans... i predict you'll get your revenge on Sept. 24th... and thanks again for the excuses sparta :smiley: :lol: