There's those classless stampeders again....

....someone on this forum will find that angle, somehow...

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A great story, good on Randy Chevrier... not so good on you R&W, for your sarcastic thread title.. but its not like you haven't done that before... :roll:

....none of us are perfect...and yeah probably a little over the top on the title, but I've been peeved by a few poster's comments about the game on Thursday, SeniorAhMe calling for justice like he can miraculously read the intent of someone's mind thousands of kms away, but this one this morning just got under my saddle a little:

...the title is just as stupid as the quote above....

It's always a question of who's ox is being gored. I've always stated there's a clear double standard on these message boards. Some fanbases can do no wrong and are god's gift to the CFL and others are classless and "fairweather" die hard fans.

In any case, great story on Chevrier's and him teammates part. :thup:

Good on Chevy. One question comes to mind however. Why didn't he use that same move on his teamates in the last couple of Western Finals?? :lol: :lol:

Awesome story! :thup:

"I just grabbed him," Chevrier said. "I just did a two-thrust Heimlich under his sternum.

Isn't this what they did to Buck ? I kinda figured they had conspired the whole thing was planned ...
And R and W I was only kidding . But I can see how sensitive Stamps fans can be when there team is in second place :stuck_out_tongue:

Good on Chevrier, scary situation.

"I just grabbed him," Chevrier said. "I just did a two-thrust Heimlich under his sternum.
uh oh, he might get sued over this, don't the classless stamps know that you are supposed to call it abdominal thrusts now. not Heimlich.

Unfortunately I am serious, the heimlich family doesn't like their name attached to this. Good work Randy