There's the Love!

Offensive Player of the Week...Craig Yeast!

It comes as no surprise to this football fan, but maybe now we can get some love from those who may have doubted the greatness that is Craig Yeast. I knew he'd never let me down.

Yeast can be, and I repeat can be, an excellent player when he isn't whining, he has all the talent in the world. But as for his work ethic, well, he needed someone to light a match under his as* with the threat that if you don't perform, your as* is outta here quicker than lighnting. And guess, what, he performs and gets on with using his God given talent.

Marshall is learning how to motivate certain players and this is one guy you can't be too touchy feely with, he needs some threats, as did others on the Cat squad.

Look out Gades, this is a new TiCat team you are going to face this Friday, and these guys are now all playing for their jobs, the way it should be!

Even though the Ottawa/Hamilton series is meaningless in the standings it should be a good series if the guys play hard. Guys are still playing for their jobs so there's no reason to let up.

Congarts to Y#5

I've been meaning to come back to this. Yeast is a great reciever. But Craig was McManus' scapegoat at the beginning of the season. Int's thrown by Danny was the result of Yeast doing something wrong. If I was Yeast, I'd feel pretty darned unrespected too. But again, Yeast is my favourite player so anything I say doesn't really carry much weight, any-who.

I'm a big fan of Yeast, and of all baking ingredients. :slight_smile: Seriously, he's one of my favourite players, and I'm glad to see him playing well after struggling earlier this year. But just let me clarify that Danny has never blamed anyone for his interceptions. It's the TV commentators who point out when Yeast's errors have resulted in INTs.

As far as the Hamilton/Ottawa series being meaningless, UnrealRiders, not really. While Hamilton's playoff chances are virtually nil, Ottawa still has a shot at the post-season, but needs these two wins against the Cats. Oddly, a Hamilton win over Calgary in between the two games would actually help the Renegades, who are mostly concerned with the potential for a crossover.

If the Cats win these two games against Ottawa, they'll probably finish third, but will need a small miracle to prevent their playoff spot from being stolen by whichever western team finishes fourth.

If Hamilton beats Ottawa on Friday, then loses to Calgary, they can knock Ottawa out of the playoffs by beating the Renegades the following week.

The Cats may not make the playoffs, but they still have a chance to make life miserable for some other teams.

It's the Yeast they could do.

Let's hope they rise to the occasion. . . :smiley:

That right about the Commentators. That's what I wanted to say but didn't. (And they weren't Yeast errors. ) :wink: