There's something in the air at McMahon Stadium!

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Calgary police are searching for a man wearing a B.C. Lions jersey and tuque after another man was stabbed at the end of Friday's Canadian Football League game against the host Stampeders.

A 25-year-old was rushed to hospital in serious but stable condition after he approached paramedics near McMahon Stadium.

The suspect is bearded and wearing the orange Lions gear, with the number 2 on the back.

Police aren't sure what started the fight or how many people were involved, Insp. Nina Vaughan told the Calgary Sun.

"He walked up to one of the paramedics and said he'd been stabbed, so we don't know what happened," she said.

Wow, first it's Rider fans on YouTube fighting with Calgarys Finest, and now a Lions fan doing this? Something at McMahon that makes others teams fans go crazy!!! This is pathetic and I feel sorry for the Fans of the Stamps that can't even enjoy a football game in their own stadium without having to look over their shoulders. Hopefully they get this guy and throw the book at him! It's sickening and shameful. Are they going to have to ban alcohol from every stadium? The worst part IMO is the fact that Calgary opens it's arms to fans of all teams and then they get repaid with garbage like this from visiting fans. As a rider fan, I've heard it all regarding how overboard we get, but this is on a whole other level. There are no details as to what led to this altercation but what is the world coming to when you can't even go to your home stadium for and cheer on your home team without wondering what's gonna happen next? To all the stAmps fans out there, I'm sorry you have to deal with this. Your city is beautiful and your fans are amazing!

Well said..but as we know, every team has their erratic fans. As a rule, Stamp fans and visiting fans, usually have a good time amongst themselves. But there is always odd balls.

i actually thought it was one of us stamp fans that caused the problems with the cops that made it to u-tube.

When a guy gets stabbed over a football game, that’s when you need to take a break and go away for a while…

that’s just too much!

it’s ONLY Football… you aren’t losing your life savings or dying because you lost!

ain’t the end of the world!

i mean, its not like its playoffs.

I go to all the games at McMahon. Generally it's a pretty good time. On Friday night I saw a LOT of MOCKERY by Stump fans against Lions fans. Of course I do not know all the particulars but there was some pretty unclassy stuff going on by the fans in red. Happens in every stadium at times.

Well then that stamps fan deserved it jeeze mocking someone is next to murder I hope they charge him and throw him away and give a medal to the guy who stabbed him poor guy he is the real victim here!!

Umm…why can’t we assume that he actually was stabbed? :?

I think she meant the circumstances leading up to the stabbing, not whether the guy was stabbed.

You sure have an interesting perspective on things. Not one I'd agree with but you're entitled to your opinion.

tongue-in-cheek (t?ng'?n-ch?k`)
Meant or expressed ironically or facetiously.

Pretty sure I knew that.