there's potenial for next year..but this year is over!

i think we still have a chance. but monteral and labour day, and the game after are all pretty much MUST WINS

Last nights game iced the season as Edmonton is now 5 points up on us for the crossover. It isn't just about getting 3rd anymore

we have to win all 3 because of the possibility of a west crossover and to win head to head with a win in montreal will indicate if this team is for real or really a 1-6 team.

It's all a nice dream to make the play-offs
but reality is it is not going to happen
with all the improvements we need to make
on offense,defense and special teams.
so lets sit back and enjoy the close
games we lose.

No team is a guaranteed win. I believe in an 18-game season, but - in the final 11 games - I dont think the Cats can go at least the 7-4 they need to make the playoffs this season.

How many of these guys are going to stick arund on a losing team? Anyone who can get on to another team including Lumsden will be gone so fast it'll make your head spin. Success breeds success. Losing breeds the opposite. Now is the time to win not next year.

i feel this season we have to 9-9 but prob now 10-8 with edm with that tie game. the west to cross over must have a better record outright to claim 3rd the east. our best bet is winning our divisional games and hope to sneak into 2nd and avoid a possible crossover

that is why we need all next 3 games we need the head to heads in the east in case to if there ever was a tiebreaker involved.

My papie said to me quote" you can't make
a silk purse out of a sow's ear" !
(sow's ear= offensive/defensive lines)
So quite dreaming, and look forward to
next year.

Why do negative members stick around?

It's not negative, it's realistic. Great teams continue to be great teams for the most part because they draw good players to the team. it's hard to keep good players on a losing team but it's even harder to draw good players to a losing team.
In saying that however, I think there is still hope for the Cats. I think they have the makings of a very good team. They need some breaks, they need to create some breaks and they need to take every advantage of every opportunity they get. I think they are quite capable of beating the best teams in the league on any given night. A lot of other teams are struggling too. In any other year I might write off the Cats but this year they still have a chance.

Teams are struggling,but not for long!
Argo's will get back Bishop shortly.
Montreal has a new running back to balance
their attack.
Edmonton has injuries.
BC has injuries. etc.etc.
SO I don't see a cats winning many games
in the future.
Let's be realisitc and start planning for
next year.