there's potenial for next year..but this year is over!

Our problem is not with quarterbacking!!!like
everyone believes.
Its with: 1. the offensive line(mosting rookies)
2. the defensive line (have not played
together enough but has potenial)
3. punt returning(poor)
4. coaching( play calling is not
consistant)they donot continue
using what works for them.

So scratch this year and lets just keep developing new players for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Begone naysayer!!

Well, in fact QBing is part of the problem; but it's sad that every year there's the same old pathetic refrain about looking to next year.

Well its better than sliting your throut.

either way … you need theraputic help!

So how exactly does suicide factor into this now? It's only football.

Then go away.

I wish Hamilton all the luck. Who knows, Toronto is zucking it big time right now. My advice to Hamilton from this point on is . . . Do NOT lose the upcoming game.

Follow that strategy and Tiger cats could go far.

Hey! I always look at the bright side...We have two
good QB's all we have to do is develop a team
around them. (also we have lumsden)
So who cares if we don't make the play offs this
year, there is always next year.

The season doesn't "end" before Labour Day. This the CFL and lookin' at the standings, I'd advise not to wake the "fat lady" just yet. I agree with Charlie, I too believe in an 18 game season. This story is not over...but it was a hard one to watch, I'll give you that. :cry:

Go Cats!!!

Need you start with your juvenile behaviour yet again? Maybe you should be the one who should "go away"...

Well, before this game I believed that the Cats had to win two of the next three... Toronto is a guaranteed win, but I'm not so sure about Montreal.

Wow.. thanks for the advice, I'm sure we'll take it to heart

Bishop Should be back for back to back games.
They well be Tough Games to win

Quarterbacking is not our problem?
Good grief it's one big reason were 0-5. Things have improved in the last couple of games but now its our defence's turn to have problems. I'll bet Edmonton's receivers had a tougher time with coverage in their own practices than what we came up with last night.

Don't leave out the poor coaching
decisions. It's going to take time
to improve our coaching staff as well as
the players.

Can anyone tell me how many games it takes to make the playoffs

The Cats are now on pace to have a 3-15 season.

An Argo-Cat fan

History repeating itself.

you misunderstood...he meant "slighting your throot"