There's no way. . .

i’m not going to let this much needed/anticipated victory slide. . . therefore we’re pulling out all the stops.

First up, Ryan Dinwiddies new nickname:

nate (god love him) from ourbombers has touted DinRicky, I on the other hand find crestwhitestrips far more banal.

Nasty Nate.....he's good with the funny handles.....I'll wait for a few more 'winnies' before i contribute... :lol:

Robby Benson

My personal favorite,


Oh come now. The endorsements for Crest white strips would be phenomenal to say the least. Crest would have a selling frenzy on their way with people binging off them just to see Dinwiddie using their products. First 10,000 fans at Bomber home games = would get the official Wpg. BB dinwiddie crest white strips. I mean nothing - I mean nothing could possibly beat that.

I dunno about those nickname like DinWobbler that sounds like the guy never throw spirals so i wouldn't use that one lol.

And i dunno if i am missing something but what does Crest White Stripes have to do with dinwiddie lol same with DinRicky lol his names not ricky lol.

But i like the nickname DO WHA DIDDIE think about the crowd every time he throw a touchdown pass the crowd sings or they play that song over the speakers DO WHA DIDDIE diddie dum didie do

AS long as we are winning with him....Windiddie