There's Class and Victory in the 'Peg

Just to keep y'all up on the crisis in Bomberdom this might give some insight:

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...The picture of Canada walking arm in arm with Berry hardly paints a picture of turmoil in the Bomber camp....Tommy also gave the ball he scored the td. with, to Berry ,saying this one is for all the crap you've been taking lately..The coach promptly held it up and said its for the players,,,dunno ...maybe there's a lot of fence mending going on here..We'll see come Labour Day if this team is finally going to play for real?///

Here's hoping Pappa, I just feel that different players are motivated in different ways and I seem to remember an NFL kicker who used to go to the papers about everything that was wrong with the Colts; well, he's in Toronto now trying to extend his waning career with his declining skills because no other team would touch him.
The Colts on the other hand did pretty well after his poison was sucked away...

Everything may not have been rosy, but when your 1 - 6 it's not going to be.

Berry pulled a Wally, "shut up, show me and win". He put the veterans back together on offense and let Glenn make the calls, and they showed him. Obviously, putting his trust in them and having them respond says more about the loyalties on the team than anything Troy Scumbag wants to rant about.

Where is the class in this town ????

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This thread is rather ominous of the panda-bombers season thus far. . . a well staged trainwreck.