There's always next year

It would have been nice to see the Bombers play for the Cup at home. At this point it would take nothing short of a miracle for that to happen.

More depth is needed on this team. What happens when Milt retires next year? All the points will have to come from the defence and field goals?

Stokes shouldn't have been traded away. He was the second best receiver on the team.

News Flash EE Stokes wasn’t traded… he signed with Totonto as a FREE AGENT. If you’re gonna taunt… do your research, then you don’t look stupid. Go Eskihomos!!! (OOPS!!!) :lol: :lol: :lol:

So does this mean that 1st place for the Bombers is out of the question??

Its a long season and we are still solidly in 2nd place in the East, so lighten up will ya.

...we'll definitely be in the thick of the play-off race....there's still a lot of season left...and Stegall and Glenn will be back next game ...and who comes to town....the Argos...the Bombers will definitely be a very nasty group by then...

EE has nothing better to do because he is to embarressed to post his TRUE feelings about his team on his own forum…LOSER… by the way Milt has already hinted he will be back next year so in regards to that keep your mouth shut and do your research first before posting on another teams forum

we dont have to wait till next year lots of games left and we will be in the playoffs

...i think ee was referring to the Eskimos....they could be preparing for next season shortly... :lol: :lol:

you know what the saddest thing about EEs post is.....his eskimos are disgustingly healthy and they still

Hey delete this crap or move it to the eskimos forum. This guy is always spamming in here he did the same thing last week and I thank you for deleting that post as well...

There is nothing worse than a trolling EE fan! especially a last place one.

Don't feed the troll. I feel better because I'm cheering for a 5-4 team rather than a 3-5 team that has been embarassed twice by what he says a bad team. (WPG)

^ Don't feed him ^