There's 2 sides to the story! (AJ Gass incident)

Defending the turf
Esks felt insulted by actions of Maas and Ralph

It started when quarterback Jason Maas apparently broke an unwritten rule.

It ended with A.J. Gass putting the boots to Brock Ralph for a perceived cheap shot.

The Edmonton Eskimos arrived home in a foul mood yesterday after losing 27-22 to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats the night earlier.

The game ended on an ugly note when Gass kicked Ralph after the Ticats receiver allegedly dove at Adam Braidwood's knees on the final play of the game.

"When you go after a guy's knees for no apparent reason in a non-football play, you're going to get some retaliation," said Gass.

"What Brock did was completely uncalled for. I don't care what happened leading up to that point. The game was over at that time and he didn't have to take a shot at somebody's knees."

After Ricky Ray's fumble with less than a minute to play, the Ticats took possession of the ball looking to run out the clock. But instead of getting the snap and taking a knee immediately, Maas delayed and let the clock run before going down.

It is not gesture often taken lightly.

Defences will let up in an obvious kneel-down situation, granted the quarterback takes a knee immediately. On the next down, Braidwood pancaked the Ticats quarterback.

On the following play, Ralph dove out low towards the Eskimos defensive end.

"It was one of those situations where only four seconds came off the clock on the first one," Braidwood said. "We thought we might be able to get the ball back with a couple of seconds left if he did that again. So we decided to go in there and get him.

"So I basically ran, and I ran a guy over. I don't think he took to it too kindly. So on the next play he dove right at my knees."

Considering Kelly Witshire's possible career-ending knee injury following a low block by the Stampeders' Nik Lewis, the Eskimos are sensitive about the subject.

Gass, one of the team's leaders on defence, took it upon himself to stand up for his teammate.

"That's exactly what was going on through my mind," Gass said. "You have a young guy with a promising career ahead of him. For a guy to take a cheap shot like that for no reason at all was very uncalled for.

"He (Maas) was pausing, he was pausing, so we made a push to try and stop to the clock. They took exception to the fact that we were coming hard, knowing they were going to kneel down."

Eskimos head coach Danny Maciocia did not see the incident. He was already making his way across the field to congratulate his counterpart and his former quarterback.

"I was told - obviously this is from an Eskimo perspective - that Brock Ralph tried to cut Braidwood when they were taking a knee," Maciocia said. "Braidwood took exception to it and A.J. came in to help out his teammate."

The incident should provide extra motivation when the two teams meet again at Commonwealth Stadium on Friday.

There was no word yesterday whether Gass or Ralph will face any disciplinary action.

"We're right back at it facing the same team," Gass said.

I don't condone Gass's actions whatsoever. But honestly, kicking someone with full padding on isn't going to hurt anyone. And it's not like he's wearing steel-toed boots or anything.

But going after the knees of Adam Braidwood, a rookie with his full career still ahead of him, is completely PATHETIC and uncalled for. Kelly Wiltshire's career was ended just 2 games ago against Calagry, I can see why Gass would be completely upset with what Brock Ralph did!

Ya right I look at it this way Doofus got caught doing something moronic so he comes up with the story of Ralph going for the knees it is nothing more then a cop out! The fact of the matter it is not up to stupidity to jump on a guys head. It is like a teen getting cuaght with his dads car with out his dad not knowing. The kid then comes up with a very stupid excuse. This one ranks right up there. I do not buy it one bit! The guy is a loose canon and is an eye sore for a very great franchise! The quicker the Eskimos distance themselves from this moron the better.
Whats next for Gass kicking a ref? Stay tuned! The guy has the mentality to do just that! He now has the great distinction of the dirtiest player in the CFL.
By the way what in world do you think the paper in Edmonton would write? headline: Gass being picked on by the league? Or the nicest guy in the league tainted by accusations?? :lol: :lol: Please Gass do not insult the intelligence of CFL football fans! You are a nut bar!

....I find it amusing the writer would say 'There was no word yesterday whether Gass or Ralph will face any disciplinary action'......exactly what would Ralph face disciplinary action for?.....making a legal block at an advancing lineman during a play?......maybe I'm missing something here, like the whistle went before the block was made, tell me if it did then maybe it's a late hit as opposed to an illegal hit....

Anyone have any video clips of this incident? I'd like to see it again.

....yes, ro1313 dug one up, I think it's third page of the other thread on this subject....

Obviously an Eskimo Homer!.. he'd defend Gass if he had pulled a gun out of his pants and shot him! for pete's sake

You kick a guy, that can hurt! PLUS it's intent to injure! which is an automatic ejection from the game!

sure Ralph may not have been proper in his procedure but at the same time his actions were still legal according to the rules..

Sorry but that is a load of......
I have never heard of any such rule written or otherwise about taking a knee immediately. I has seen many many times where the QB will stand there for 4 or 5 seconds before taking the knee. Gass is just trying to cover up his bonehead actions.

Here is the clip again ... 01_1-1.flv

It is incredible that someone would buy this guys story line of defending his fellow player! Yup officer that cocaine just jumped into my pocket I do not know how it got there! A trained pigeon flew over and planted it on me! :lol: Unbelievable!

Why does this league allow helmet-to-knee blocks?

And I agree that Gass should be suspended for what he did.

its not meant to be a helmet-to-knee block..

the player isn't going to just sit there and allow him to block. he'll attempt to move. alot of the times he puts himself in that situation.

Gass should have been suspended from this league a long time ago. Guys like O’Shea and Philion look like nannies compared to that rotten braincell.

I say fine him, suspend him, and deprive him from dessert for a week.

Again it seems some think this style of block is new to the league and the game. This has been used for a very long time. And yes once a seeason there may be an injury from this type of block. To say career ending injuries from this occurs a lot is well wrong! If you calculate how many times this particular block is used in just one game you would be suprised that there is not that many serious injuries! Kelly was very unlucky that game no doubt about it. Why do we not just remove tackling and blocking out of the game because serious injuries can happen in this game from many action on the field! Tackling can seriously injure a player so should we remove tackling? I find this humourous at best because some are reacting like this has not happened before. That it is a new thing! It is not how many times have we seen players get injured in a game! Do we change the rules for each type of injury! Come on grow up this is a tough sport. If a player goes into this game thinking he will never get injured well then he should not be on the field!
The problem I have with people that say these guys applying this type of block are intending to injure a player is just that something to laugh at. They have a blocking assignment they block the opposing player, now if the timeing is not right you bet it exposes the blocked player to an injury but the player using the block does not go into the huddle and say hey I am going to go for that guys knees and end his career! Nope sorry it does not happen only in the Longest Yard! :lol:

What you said he had a brain cell! Now that is funny!

What your reffering to is called a 'chop block'... it is NOT a helmet to the knee but a shouldpad to the thigh...

The technically proper way isnt allways the way it happens... sometimes you 'chute' low, and sometimes the D trys to avoid it, thus gettings a 'helmet to knee' collision...
Note: This type of block is only permisable INSIDE THE BOX ( tackle -> tackle ) ... Also this type of block is NOT ALLOWED on a passing play.

Why is it that if a Receiver goes up high for a catch, the LB will go helmet first into the guys ribs but you never hear anyone claim it was an attempt to injure.

The receiver could be out for weeks with cracked ribs but it was a great hit. Don't tell me that there was no intent on the LB part to injure.
The reason no one squawks is because this is FOOTBALL and in FOOTBALL players get hurt

Good statment Ro!

Where does this stop? Intent to injure come on now! You are making a Suitor of yourself!

I agree, and its not that no one squaks... I hate seeing a fellow reciever getting punished.. I just bark at the TV when this happens...

There is no excuse for kicking a man when he's on the ground, other than mental illness or cowardice. Even street retribution has it's acceptable limits. Gass needs to lay off the steroids and get some therapy.

I was not defending Gass!
I was defendind the blocking

I agree ro1313, many, many times we’ve seen QB’s delay going to a knee.

Sorry esks123, I have to disagree with you. Gass is in the “wrong” this time.