There ya go - Cobb

must be nice for ticats fans to finally have a top grade running back, injury prone jesse excluded.

If there are still those that prefer Cauley, I would love to have Cobb on my team.

Me too.. Cobb has "carried this team" this year.... DC is the man!!

Cobb had an absolutely great game. You gotta love this guy. He comes across so humble. I bet he is a favourite on the team. Just one small point though, when the team is second and one or two, he has to hit that hole hard and drive for that one or two yards to guarantee that important first down. Small point, but one worth mentioning.
Gotta love Cobb. I’ve been saying all year that he is often one broken tackle away from a big run and he got it today on his TD run. Nice job.
And where is Mr. Cobb, have not heard much from his father since the early part of the season. :smiley:

Great season by a player who came out of nowhere to become one of the most entertaining players on the field. Michigan State's own DeAndra "corn" Cobb.

I was sitting a few seats away from cobs mom and dad! after he hit 1000 his dad jumped up and down with tears screaming THAT MY BOY

Oh so they were at the game. That's great. And he gave them the game of the year. Great story.

Over 1,100 yards rushing now. Is this guy dynamic or what? Mr.Cobb. You should be proud that your son is likely going to be the next great Ticat RB. We salute you sir! :rockin:

He already is the next great ti-cat running back. I liked Williams in there as well. He looked real good for the few touchs he had with the ball.

Hear hear!!! It was nice to see Williams power his way those few times. I'd like to see more of that.

The win was such a team effort, it's hard to say who our best player was. But with 159 rushing yards, and an average of over 6 yards per carry, I'd go with Cobb as our best player.

He is one of the top five in the league in rushing yards now, now that he has moved ahead of Whitlock in that category, as you can see here: ... /year/2009

Yes he is in the top five with significantly fewer carries that the players ahead of him. :rockin:

While I would still prefer Williams in short yardage situations, Cobb shut me up today. The guy played outstanding and hit his lanes hard today. I think he's finally starting to mature into the offense. Excellent game, overall.

Cobb was just a blur to the Riders defense, they'll have to watch the game film in slow motion to see him!

Just watched the spotlight:Cobb video on
Cobb took the ball and was across the first down marker in the blink of an eye. To be quite honest i've always heard about the Ticat org. talking about how fast he is but I hadn't really seen it. Today, he showed that speed in full form and man! This guy could give The Flash some competition. Unbelievable speed :thup:

Cobb is awesome,he has a great story too,does anyone know if Brian Williams has or is planning to do one of his pieces on him? It would be great to watch?

Another thing I should mention about Cobb is this: At the time I'm typing this, he is in 2nd place in the league in yards from the line of scrimmage. Check this out: ... /year/2009

Name Team Rush Yards Rec. Yards Yards Scrimmage
REYNOLDS, J CGY 1287 396 1683
COBB, D HAM 1140 528 1668
COBOURNE, A MTL 1144 404 1548
ROBERTSON, J TOR 1037 482 1519
WHITLOCK, A EDM 1128 385 1513

Cobourne could catch up to him by tomorrow, but would need 120 rushing + rec. yards to do it. But being second only to Reynolds and Cobourne in that category is quite an accomplishment.

By the end of the year he just might lock up that number two position with another good game in the Peg. :smiley: