There will be NO crossover!!!!!!

First of all congrats on the win Stamps!!!Burris showed that he went to a better team.
This is why there will be NO crossover.
Argos will on Thursday.
Montreal will not play as hard against Ottawa,knowing they are second place.That will mean Ottawa will win.
Ottawa next week will beat the Argos.Argos will reast all their players.
Edmonton will beat B.C. this week.
Then B.C. will have to win their last game to have first place.To be first place they will destroy the riders.
This is why there will be no crossover.
Please Ottawa beat Montreal and my Argos!!!
Please B.C. beat the riders.
If this doesn't happen.Montreal will destroy Riders in the first round!!!!

Ottawa will win if they want to Saskargo, and they have to want it bad enough, and after last week, I don't think they care anymore. Fair enough, I hate Ottawa now.

but I agree with you on one thing, those Riders SOBs are going down in the Big O in the frist round.

I disagree, even if Montreal and Toronto don't have anything left to play for they will still play hard because no team wants to go into the play-offs on a losing streak.

Toronto will not rest their players because they learned their lesson last year when they did that.

but last year Toronto won the GC.

I wonder what Turk will have to say abou all this.

Yeah they sure learned their lesson.They rested all their players the last game.So they could be fresh for playoffs!!We sure learned our lesson.HMMMMM,who won the Grey Cup?

saskargo, the only real fault I can find in your reasoning is Montreal letting up against Ottawa. They may want to play well to recover from the past weekend. There is the theory they may want to play Ottawa in the semi's, so they'd let Ottawa win during the season, but then Ottawa would've won 2 of 3 games this year, that might be tough to take as well.

I still think there will most likely be a crossover, but I quite honestly don't think we deserve it as we've got a high school junior team offensive game plan, and you're probably right, if we run plays like we did the past couple weeks, we don't have a chance.

i almost feel bad for rider fans. (almost) another years of high expectations... very high this year... and what do they have to show for it. there only chance is to sneak over to the east for the final spot and even this isn't a given. i suspect they will get to montreal but it will likely be a quick death. i find it amusing that barrett is one of the winningest rider coaches ever and he still hasn't had a home playoff game. i will be cheering for the green in montreal or trying to anyways. good luck and take comfort that you do not need to endure an offseason of shame like the blue and gold. i feel like it is 1998 again.

Ottawa wil win if they want to? Have they wanted to lose 10 games this year?

I said this before,I will say it again.
I have seen this over,and over.
Riders could have the best team in the league.However they find ways to lose.Maybe if their fans would respect other teams.The curse would be over.BUT NOOOOOOOOOO!!!YAP,YAP,YAP.
What comes around goes around!!!

I think it's more if the fans desired better coaching, we could have a good team.

I can't believe that after all these years, with all the various coaching changes, we still manage to find coaches who have no idea what the phrase "half-time adjustments" means. We neither make our own, nor respond to obvious ones made by other teams. How hard is it to see that???

If all rider fans were respectful, there'd probably be a third less posts on the site cause there'd be much less reason to complain about those morons disguised as rider fans. :slight_smile:

They never wanted it bad enough! I mean, they were kicking butt in the frist half, what happend?!?

But they had to refund all their money to the attending fans the last game of the regular season.

We had a discussion on this before in a previous post.
They gate revunues is just part of the profits.
We give those people free tickets to another game.The beers and food and merchandise will make alot of money.
Another thing,our owners have money.They just wanted the CUP!!!!!
They didn't have to pay the fans back.They did it because they care about their fans.Not like the riders organization!!!!

The Argos owners don't care too much about gates revenues. Remember the bet on the Labour Day rematch? Ticats fans would have gotten their tix refunded had Hamilton beat Toronto.

Even if Toronto does rest some of their starters I still think they are the favourites to win. Ottawa has an uphill battle beating the top teams in the east.

if ottawa beats montreal, i say toronto should lay down to them and let them into the playoffs…

but ottawa wont beat montreal…i predict the SPANKING of the renegades lives.

I think most people on this forum would love to see the Gades make the playoffs.

Go Gades!

if the 'Gades had taken care of business against hamilton, they'd have a good shot at the playoffs right now.....down 1 game with 2 remaining.....

but they blew it.

Yep, the Gades blew it! And I'm only giving them 1 in 4 odds to beat Montreal and about the same to beat Toronto. I just don't think the Gades can dig deep enough to pull it off, but I'll be there in persons cheering anyway.

Go Gades!!!

Ranek Rocks!!!!!

There's no way they'll beat both Montreal and Toronto. Montreal is going to be looking to prove they're still tops in the East after losing to Toronto, so they'll be glad to play spoiler for the Gades. Toronto won't lose because Ottawa will be deflated from having been buried by Montreal and won't be up to the game. It's over for the Renegades.. I'm hoping for a prairie cup - Riders vs. Stamps... that way Calgary will be champions once more!!