There will be consequences

consequences dammit

consequences in Montreal!

Good...maybe they'll have a too many men penalty costing them a championship now so we can get that monkey off our backs!!! lol

and Hall is now officially a Bomber. No surprise there, just not happy about it.

Too funny! I guess Montreal now officially has more coaches than players.

Since Winnipeg is my 2nd fav team, I am glad they ended up with the best Def Coach in the CFL.

I am glad that if the Riders are playing into a Bomber lead they can count on soft passes for 8-15 yard gains every down.

I don't know depop while yes Hall's defense was not an aggressive one it was still fairly effective. Personally I don't look forward to any games against the Bombers simply because of Hall's knowledge of the players. Even with different play calling lots of times players have indicators that can tell a lot. Would have much preferred it if he went down East. The Labor day classic and the Banjo bowl just got a lot more intense if that is possible.

Meh...tells are generally well known from coach to coach or not at all. It is rare that one coach knows many tells a player has. As for knowing the OC coming to town, so that is somewhat mute. I like Hall...decent DC and a heck of a guy, but his bend don't brake D has been the focal point of many ragings on these boards, especially for lost leads late in games. I would take Hall for 55 minutes a game over most DCs, but in the last 5 minutes...not so much. You know...kinda like the Packers feel today.

We needed an ST coordinator. We hired one. Not sure why that's a superfluous hire.

Because there are many a fan who still put the 13th man on Kavis.

IMO Kavis is a pretty solid ST coach (though way over his depth as a HC) and the flack was fairly unwarranted. Players need to know their assignments by 2 preseason games, 18 regular season games and post season. No coach on and team on any of the 3 groups (O, D, ST) taps players on the head and says they are in unless they are changing something on the fly, nor is it the coach who is responsible for head counts. He was an easy fall guy IMO, and is a good pickup for the Als.

The same may turn out to be said about Cortez this season...time will tell

Agreed, and even though he wasn't a success as an HC, that had as much to do with Tillman cutting his legs out from under him with the Ricky Ray trade as anything else. As we saw in SSK this past year, without your bonafide starter, most teams are going to struggle. I like the Kavis hire. Good man, good football guy, and the league benefits from him coaching again.

And frankly -- ANYTHING is better than Tom Higgins running the unit himself. :oops:

Have to disagree there…he was a top to bottom disaster as a HC, and that had little to do with the actual record. His hissyfits just turned players off. You could clearly see that they tuned him out. Some day he may get another crack at it and have lived and learned…who knows…but that first stint was a complete bust on every level.

Dude, they went 11-7 in his first year there. The wheels fell off after the Ray trade. That's not a "top to bottom disaster" or a "complete bust" at all. Sure, he made mistakes as a coach, but at the end of the day, he didn't have a bonafide starter under center and it cost him his job.

Like I said, my opinion of him as a HC has zero to do with the wins and losses...I don't judge staff on that alone...not even close. You can have a solid coach that is simply lacking talent on the team (ie: IMO Lapo with the Bombers) just as you can have a good team with crap coaching (ie: Marshall with the Riders). Kavis was having temper tantrums. His practices were a fricken mess. He was setting redonculous rules when on the road. He never followed through after calling out his players. Hervey didn't help that situation, nor did the loss of Ray...but it goes way way beyond that...on so many levels. Like I said, it could be valuable lessons learned and he might do well if he gets another crack at it...IMO he simply was not ready to be a HC...some people need to struggle before they improve. Also as I said, I still think he is a slid ST coordinator. Not every coach is HC material...he may be, but he wasn't in his time with the Esks.

No offence, depop, because I respect your football knowledge, but how do you know his practices were a mess? I'm totally with you that not every good coordinator is HC material -- Cortez and Hall both demonstrated that a few years ago. I just wonder whether the extent of Reed's shortcomings is being overblown. If the Ray trade doesn't happen, maybe Reed has a chance to learn from his mistakes instead of getting canned. In any case, I doubt Reed even gets a sniff at another HC gig for 3-5 years minimum. Rightly or wrongly, he has to get some of that Edmonton stank off him by rebuilding his credentials at the coordinator level.

By listenning to the Media, listenning to / reading comments by playes, and by seeing it. This was not exactly a well kept secret, especially camp on in his last season.

Reed's Week 1 pregame speech in his first year as HC was a raging 'the world against us' tirade. Fired all his ammo in his first speech. What's left to say when you're down by 2 scores at halftime in a playoff game? Aliens are invading? Who's gonna buy your s**t then? I knew right then and there that he didn't have it. Actually I knew before that, so wasn't surprised. Also as DC in Hamilton way back, was the biggest whiner over opponents running up the score on his defense (throwing tantrums on multiple occasions) so not surprised by the famous 'consequences' quote. Yea, mentally his record is not good.