There was the Big owe. Now we have Little Owe

Looks like the reason Miller was hiding the damages from reporters is that it will cost the taxpayers another 3 million to fix.

Wednesday’s announcement wasn’t without a hiccup or two, most notably Miller referring to Premier Pigskin as Darren Selinger. Or was it Gary Selinger?

There was also the not-so-insignificant tidbit dropped by the Premier that the province was not only pouring $4 million into the party, but also injecting another $3 million into a stadium that’s only a year old.

The specifics on why the place needs another $3 million to make it more “energy efficient? and usable “on a more regular basis, year-round? were harder to track down than Kory Sheets in the flat.

“You’ve seen some of the challenges this year in Winnipeg with water freezing up, etcetera,? Selinger said. “We want to make sure that doesn’t happen here.?

So $3 million worth of new plumbing?

Looks like it has already happened and its not the contractor or designer who will foot the bill.

why is the City/taxpayer on the hook for what is clearly a building/design flaw?

and why isn't there some form of property damage insurance in place by any of the parties involved?

If they think Manitoba taxpayers complete morons if they are going to buy this story that a 2013 state of the art stadium needs 3 million in energy efficiency upgrades less than a year into its life cycle.

As to your question the General Contractor obviously built the stadium according to specs... and the owner/tenant probably did not take care of snow removal on the roof. So now tax payers are paying to fix it.

I guess these weren't just "normal little problems that always happen with a new building"

They are also refusing to say who's paying for the press box. Probably the same tax payers.

Good question. The only plausible reason I can think of would be that the stadium was designed to specifications provided by the "owner" and the problems are the results of omissions from those specifications, not design or construction errors.

Bingo. Also the owner's job to clear the snow off the roof...