there was not 62,000 people at this game!

There were upper corners of the stands that were empty but with the tarps in the n. end rolled up, that exposed a lot of seats that are normally covered. As well, and as previously mentioned, there were probably a couple thousand knuckleheads at field level in those “tail-gate” sections, and when it started to get really windy and a bit rainy, many fans from the regular stands just drank in the covered concourse and their seats would then be exposed.

'course, I wouldn’t put it past the Eskie mgmnt to fudge the numbers a bit, but it probably wasn’t far off…

And some of the dumbest…

Agreed. We have the best and the worst fans in the CFL.

When they talk of a CFL record for the biggest regular season crowd ever – it’s a little odd that there were a lot of empty seats.

There were easily 3-4k empty seats ( in a stadium rated to about 62k capacity ). There didn’t seem to be that many people on the sidelines, but I didn’t do a headcount either.

There may not have been 62,000 at the game, but there was likely 62,000 paid tickets, or tickets distributed for the game which is what I think they go by. It didn't look like every seat was taken, but I can't imagine beer and concessions lines would be short with that many people there, that alone accounts for some.

I think that if the game sold out, then they would use tickets paid for as the count, otherwise it goes by how many people came through the gate.

On a side note, Edmonton was 16 people away from their all-time CFL attendance record of 62,531 at the 2002 Grey Cup. Good job Edmonton! Looking forward to the 2010 Grey Cup. :thup:

57,00 OR 60,000 Man that huge for a football in the CFL too a true football I dont care if i was the only one there i just want to see a good game.

There were a lot of people standing at field level behind the black metal fences, in front of the grandstands. There were also a fair number in the pavilions at field level in the north end.

On TSN they were constantly spouting off that is was a record crowd. They must have said it like 50 times.

The fact of the matter is that the CFL announces paid attendance. Not how many ppull actually attend games. The best example of this reality is Calgary. They sell the tickets but there is usually only about 20,000 ppull actually there. Kudos for selling the tickets. At Fridays game vs BC they announced the attendance at 36,000. There were about 24,000 there.

Personally I wish they would announce both, paid tickets and actual attendance.

I don't remember the words "sell out" or "sold out" being used anywhere. The blackout in Edmonton was lifted however. I imagine it would be fairly trivial to get quite a bit more than official capacity into a stadium that size, and still have empty corners in the nose bleeds. Besides, I'm sure it's not at all unusual for a sponsor to pick the remaining few thousand tickets just so the blackout can be lifted.

Really, three pages about this!!! wow honestly it doesnt really matter someone always finds a way to make it matter

Congrats again Edmonton, no question you are the best fans in the CFL, with a little help from the green Riders.
What I want to know as it is pathetic here in Toronto, what was the winning 50/50 ticket worth?

Good question - I predict the winner was worth 30k. Anyone know the real #? 8)

The official attendance for the game is 62, 517-- no matter if you believe the number or not, it was still an awesome crowd for the game. Commonwealth looked pretty full for that game, so I would think that the official count is pretty close as to how many were actually there. It wasn't the greatest game to watch, but I would have loved to have been there to be part of that atmosphere.. and the Riders did win, which would have made it worth the trip to be there. I thought that if Sask was going to win it would be close.

Ditto for me Sambo.

The winning 50/50 was worth just over 51k

with all the tallied numbers, i was wondering, is this the highest attendance for a regular season weekend? with calgary above compacity, and edmonton settin the record? n e one know for sure?

If true, would not the title of this thread have been “There WERE not 62,000 people at this game!” ?

Do not judge Rider fans based on anything cflithebest says. Most Rider fans are at least somewhat intelligent.