there was not 62,000 people at this game!

they announced 62,500 people at this game today... yet you look in the stands and there are clearly parts that do NOT have fans.. there is no way they have that many..

57,000 maybe.. but not 62,500.

I'm sorry you can lie but the truth is on the TV Screen.

So when they scanned the fans, you only counter 57,000?

I don't care which figure is correct - The Rider fans out screamed the Eskie's enough to throw Ray off his game - How humiliating to have the opposing teams fans out cheer you on your home turf lol :rockin:

well, there were too many empty seats all over to have 62,500 people in there..

it's not hard to see that.

Maybe people were going to the bathroom, or grabbing a beer or a hot dog. And did you count all the people on the sideline?

it just wasn't 62,500.

as it is they can only fill 60,812. thats how many seats there are.

I just don't buy it. they've been known to pad their attendance.

All I hear is "Wah wah wah" from an Eskimos hater. If they said it was 62,000, then it was 62,000. Quit acting like a baby. You won the game. Enjoy it. :wink:

it wasn't!

there are too many seats empty for that.

if it was really full? none of those sections would have been empty.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

Not that it's that important, but he has a point. Why were there parts of whole sections empty in the upper deck near the edges if it was a sellout?

'All you do is cry on this board. It took you ONE quarter to cry about the officiating. :cry: Then you cried when the Riders weren't moving the ball. :cry: Now you're crying about inflated attendance number's. :cry: And so you won...what now? Tears of joy? :roll:

Did anyone notice that they were 3-4 deep on the track? And the 6 deep on the concourse? Give it a rest already...

The reason why the upper corners were empty was because the Eskimos were selling standing room only tickets in a section fenced off behind the rider bench and other places in the stadium. They said that the standing room tickets sold were close to equaling the amount of tickets left unsold in those upper areas. As a fan, i know I’d rather have those standing room tickets rather than sitting up in the nosebleeds. I hope this somewhat answers your questions. On a side note, I thought that was cool that they showed the sound meter when the rider fans were going nuts in the fourth quarter. And it’s funny hearing the Commonwealth announcer have to beg the home team crowd to cheer and let them know when it’s appropriate. And the music in the huddle was a little much too.

they’ve done that all the time…

Eskimo Fans are not exactly the most football smart! they’ve always had to get the crowd to be loud!

Rider fans know when to be loud!

I agree and I was watching the stadium all game trying to figure out where they came with this number, Im sure it will be announced later this week with the real count, yeah 3 or 4 thousand people gone to the washroom :roll:

Spouting off on a message board doesn't exactly make you clowns knowledgable. You sure have no trouble chiming in with your 'Riders are king' rhetoric but I was on here all game when you were crying over this, and that because your Riduh's were playing like trolls.
I tell you to show some class but I doubt you can even spell it... :thdn:

as much as I dislike the Esks I have to say the fans are quite knowledgable to the game, but i do agree the Riders do have the smartest fans :wink:

you can tell by the way rider fans carry themselves on the forums

I love how he gets upset when redandwhite says he has no class, and then he goes and makes a dumb comment like the one above.

a lot of tension on the forums this weekend. but i like how if the numbers were wrong, it was the eskimos fans fault... not the organization that does the counting. always gotta be somethin to complain about. Its kinda sad how it turns into a person bashing person thing instead of a game thread.

Honostly I don't know or remember the esks announcers doing that often. I'm thinking it was done more today because it was student ticket night and they wanted to get everyone involved and having fun! I'm sure out of 62,000 people, that a large chunk of them were only there cause they got the free vouchers for their kids and those people aren't "hardcore" cfl fans.