There was improvement....

I know I'm the "glass is half full" type but what I wanted to see in this game was improvement. Preferably, accompanied with a win but improvement none the less.

In most the first half quarter I saw, standing on the sidelines and on the field a dejected team, shoulders dropped, no conversing, and sullen.

As the game progressed, the Taffe system started to work. Gains started to be made, pounding running showed determination, our first touchdown of the season was scored, and this team came to life.

You saw guys who started to believe and work their tails off. Players were more and more strategically used.

Yes, some plays calls were quesitonable, bad penalties were taken by our guys, yes some of the ref's calls were questionable and yes we didn't win.

But what I saw was a team, a team that dug in and played their butts off. Jason Mass did a great job a leading the troops, I just wish he had some zip on the ball. He still played one hell of a game and Corey Holmes, he showed the rookies what the hell it is to dig deep and play hard in the CFL.

Thanks Cats, Coaches and players for a exciting and interesting game. You didn't give us a win but you did give me hope.

I'm going to B.C. to see the improvement continue.


Good post Jare !