There was a time

I expect a lot have left simply because there's no CFL football this year.

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I really miss football.
But I do enjoy reading ideas fans have about trying to keep it alive. I hope to read about some of your thoughts on this Madjack
but i sure do notice a recent spiral of non civility. Some just floating round goading and trying to pick fights. I hope that changes soon.

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traffic reduction has been happening for a few yrs now

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For sure, but the exodus began long before Covid

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No ryan3434
No KevinRiley
No slant
Very little from Travis (TravelPat)
No Earl

I used to enjoy reading analysis from DepopulationInc

Good to see Dan38 is still around.

Thanks West. I'm glad you are back.
For me my drop in posting and caring, for that matter, has nothing to do with other social media because I don't do Bookface, Tweeter or Monogram and do not even know what they are except gossip part lines like the ones the old ladies used to listen in on..... I can't say why I'm posting less, cause I'm ascared of Big Brother.... I don't like censorship or brainwashing. It looks like the CFL will end up with the docile, follow the herd, type of fans they want. It's just too bad there are only 7 or 8 of them.

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I certainly enjoy all the newer posters who actually talk some football.


I forgot ArgoT tho I've seen the guy poke in here and there so he's still around.

Only so much football one can talk especially when there's no season or during the off-season. There's plenty going on now in the world of sports and sports/politics and "social justice" have collided. I've also found the movie thread very interesting. I probably wouldn't just go to a random movie review site so it was nice to have all under one forum.

Does me NOT talking about football prevent you from doing so ?

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We'll get back there once we have CFL games again. But damn will it be quite awhile.

Now we see how the NFL executes or not for those wanting to watch too.

I'm wary more of players getting ill, testing positive, and having to not play as of Saturday night, let alone the vast potential for hijinks with all the gambling now, than I am for a cancellation of the season.

I also miss Hank and Charukfan. Where did they go ? Oh ya, they had opinions.

Hank was banned?, that is not true

a few other notable names that seem to be missing


1 Like missing for years

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Who am I kidding? Nobody misses slant

...what about saskargo? Do you miss her?

I miss pretty much all posters. Only 1 exception. A certain ex mod.

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Got 6 new folks on the "short-list" of 7 now, but otherwise all is cool, but yeah how much has changed so fast in also this little corner of the world