There was a time

Just thinking back to the good ole days.

Around 15yrs ago, give or take a half dozen yrs, I could spend 3 or 4 hrs straight on this site with rarely 10 minutes between having someone to respond to.

Maybe I am exaggerating a bit but it was a lot closer to that than to now.

Maybe I get a little mixed up in my memory with the ESPN and NFL forums I used to post on back in the day. 13thman as well.

I do know that it was very much busier here for awhile.

2 Likes are not exaggerating...I remember it like that as well
There was so much posting going that as soon as you replied to one, you had 3-4 new posts and topics to read and reply to along with plenty of private message

I used to spend a few hours at a time here as well

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I've been using forums / message boards since 2001 - absolutely there's been a decline in CFL fandom, but most of the reason is the rise of Facebook and Twitter. They play that message board role for the vast majority of people, even if they are oddly terrible to have a real discussion upon.


There is a lot more to it than just that

The underlying framework here is far better than any other forum on which I participate because it's moderated well and fairly and in a focused manner.

Most blogs or forums fail because they cannot even follow their own rules, and it's not a matter of splitting hairs it is obvious.

Most any more turn quickly into either political battlefields, one or two folks dominating with some agenda, or echo chambers.

It's sort of like what happened with most e-mail groups as preceded social media.

Or those stupid unnecessary meetings, at least 70% of them, at work when Baby Boomers were most of management. :no_mouth:

Story time now in slow time perhaps FYB?

You go back a good while. Do you have any stories from your sporting or warrior or gladiatorial days, amongst other all-time greats, that you can share some time?

I'll hang up now and listen.

this board represents the current demographic of the CFL.

old. antiquated, out of touch.

but it's what we like.

Much more activity on twitter, IG, FB (yawn), and other forms of social media.

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I logged onto the site back in 1995 and had to wait a long, LONG time for any Kind of a response to a post.

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I first signed up to the old fan huddle around 98. Cant remember how busy it was in the beginning but one could reasonably surmise that it took a while for people to find it.

I am impressed. These were the days of early residential crappy dial-up service and in the US, there was America Online (AOL).

I go back far enough to using the internet on campus at school for email in 1992 and one predecessor to the public internet, which was a message board with content known as Gopher.

At my first job out of school in 1995, I remember sitting in a meeting as the Baby Boomers announced and marveled at a rollout of email, of which they had never heard ever before.

I remained silent as I thought they were a bunch of dorks.

Now to young folks who download endless new apps to phones as I simply refuse because I have a big screen that works fine for anything I want, well now I am that dork! :no_mouth::roll_eyes::flushed:

This must have been before the Great Millennial War of 2000 there in BC, when it is told your armies imposed such of your will, as general, upon the locals in the province for the better.

Of course, it was but one of many untold chapters of human history in which it is told you had partaken or had had a lead role.

well, I did do y2k program maintenance

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I started off by commenting on the latest Shreveport-Birmingham matchup and the only response I got was some strange, constant humming which was originating somewhere in Russia.
I just thought they were really taking their time in preparing a response, but none ever came.

Then somebody called me on my phone line and I lost the connection all together

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This is correct. I know some millennial CFL fans who want nothing to do with the CFL Forum or even actual news websites like 3 Down Nation. They get all their CFL news through twitter, instagram and all that other crap.

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Twitter - "Who can score the biggest hot take in haste whether it's true or not!"

Instagram - "Look at me! LOOK AT ME!"

Facebook - "I'm here to ruin more what was already ruined before 2016 when the Baby Boomers flocked here from cable news after being duped by Russian, Chinese, and Eastern European bots!"

/Get Off My Lawn'd


It’s the old joke, eh Paolo-X? When I was 18 I realized my old man was a complete fool. When I was 25, I was astounded at how much he had learned in only three years!:grin:


Apparently you didn't learn to add :slight_smile:

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They might be the reason people don't is not the reason people leave! Its obvious to me why, I don't understand why its not obvious to everyone else


sure it's the reason people leave.

a different medium to communicate on...and for the most part, unmoderated.

Ah, well, being on FB as well, have you considered that some might like the benefits of a well-moderated forum?

It sure makes for a lot less work unlike on FB. FB did not used to be that way until about 2016. It's Zuck's fault too.