There something Rotten in Steel-town

Andrew Grigg's son Anthony is that type of reciever and is a free agent now after playing for the Hamilton hurricanes and being named cjfl all star


Ummm no they don't, and Id take the Argo strategy over the BS we deal with every year with zero Cups in 23 years. Toronto wins every time they get there. We lose every time we get there.


Well by way of a comparison let's take a look at the two teams Grey Cup appearances and their success rate in W/L results since 1980 shall we ?

Hamilton Grey Cup appearances W/L record since 1980...( 11games 2 W 9 L )

1980....Lose..... (0-1) vs Edm
1984....Lose.....(0-2) vs Wnp
1985....Lose.....(0-3) vs BC
1986....Win......(1-3) vs Edm
1989...Lose.....(1-4) vs Sask
1998...Lose.....(1-5) vs Calg
1999...Win......(2-5) vs Calg
2013...Lose....(2-6) vs Sask
2014...Lose....(2-7) vs Calg
2019...Lose....(2-8) vs Wnp
2021...Lose....(2-9) vs Wnp

Toronto Grey Cup appearances W/L record since 1980...( 10 games 8 W 2 L )

1982.....Lose.....(0-1) vs Edm
1983.....Win......(1-1) vs B.C.
1987.....Lose.....(1-2) vs Edm
1991.....Win.....( 2-2) vs Calg
1996.....Win.....(3-2) vs Edm
1997.....Win.....( 4-2) vs Sask
2004.....Win.....( 5-2) vs B.C.
2012.....Win.....( 6-2) vs Calg
2017.....Win.....( 7-2) vs Calg
2022.....Win.....( 8-2) vs Wnp

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Before one of the senior fans says it; I'll say it. why don't we compare records between 1952 - 1982 .....hunh, hunh, hunh? Lets just feel good about that time period!
Heard the short term memory goes before the long term memory... :wink:


The 1990s look like TOR's best decade with three championships. We should definitely emulate the formula they used. Let's see:

  • Sell the team to a soon-to-be-convicted felon (plus optional celebrity sidekicks) who is more than happy to blow through wads of cash en route to serving prison time after defrauding banks and bankrupting all his businesses.
  • Sign a rookie to the single highest contract in all of professional football. (Looks like $40 million USD should cover it these days.)
  • Get rescued by a national brewery. (Merely requires a Canadian brewery to still exist, as well as playing in Canada's largest market - both easy enough for the Ticats to finesse).
  • Go on a spending binge that includes convincing arguably the greatest-ever CFL player to play QB for $1 million per year, shattering CFL salary structures in the process. (Could this be Rourke?)

Easy peasy. If we don't commit to all of the above, there is clearly something terribly rotten about our culture.


Shows how inept the Cats really are


TiCats won in 86 & 99 ,both times in Vancouver…..
2024 Grey Cup is in Vancouver….hmmmmm,

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Not to rain on the 2024 parade.. but 2014 was also in Vancouver...


Oh yes, TiCats won that game as well in Vancouver, amazing we were there three times, what a team, then the Refs gave it to Bo’s team ….
No rain, bit of fog …LOL

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I'm old. I would like to see results in this era as well.


Actually just for shits and giggles let's go back to the Ti-Cats initial first season after the merge in 1950 and do a comparison with those Argos shall we ?

It will show that the Cats have been in many more Cup finals than their Toronto counterparts in that time but have been far less successful in the winning of the trophy over the years .

Since 1950 shows the Cats appearing in 22 Grey Cups but only winning 8 of them while losing 14 in that time . The winning seasons were...1953 / 1957 / 1963 / 1965 / 1967 / 1972 / 1986 /1999 . The losing seasons were... 1958 /1959 / 1961 /1962 / 1964 / 1980 /1984 /1985 / 1989 /1998 / 2013 /2014 /2019 /2021

The Argos since 1950 have not been in as many Grey Cups but have won more than the Cats have in that time . Toronto has been in 13 and has won 10 times and only been on the losing side on 3 occasions . The winning seasons were...1950 / 1952 / 1983 / 1991 / 1996 / 1997 / 2004 / 2012 / 2017 / 2022 . The losing seasons were...1971 / 1982 / 1987 .

So there you have , right from inception in 1950 right up to present day .

Ummm, totally disagree. If the Ticats followed the T.0. Philosophy, the fan base would be gone. Mr Young can't and shouldn't compete with MLSE. Building a competitive team year after year starts at the top. Hamilton is rebuilding after Masoli. Just look how long it took Winnipeg to come to that understanding. Do you think they will keep Collaros for several years? Not if they want to stay in the game. If by chance you sign blm, you will give up on free agents. You already gave up two draft picks and future considerations, just for a chance to sign him. I think it would be fair to say your following T.O. good luck with that.

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Can we just compare 1953 to'll make our delusional selves feel better. :dizzy_face:



I was thinking that we might as well go back even further than the 50's and compare things in the 30's and 40's in like you know..."The really , really , really good old days" :older_man: :older_woman:

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150Gage and his ageist schtick has to go . " 150GAGE



"Before one of the senior fans says it; I'll say it. why don't we compare records between 1952 - 1982 .....hunh, hunh, hunh? Lets just feel good about that time period!
Heard the short term memory goes before the long term memory... :wink:"
These comments don't belong on our site . Mods please dump his comments .

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Why ??? It's all in fun and honestly no harm done .


you mean the fans that completely disrespect current game attendees because they don't know the ins and outs of the 1964 tiget-cats? the fans that demean the younger fans for not paying attention to the game, or not staying in their seats? the fans that complain that the stadium screen (or broadcast) is showing young people having fun, gawd forbid, taking "selfies"?

those fans?

yah, love those fans as well Pat.


There are a lot of old dudes on this site that do not fit your generalization at all . When you point a finger at someone, 3 are pointing back at you . We encourage young people here . Sorry that we don't fit your narrative . :roll_eyes:


Bobo was just joking around. I hope I don't get a stick up my arse when I get old.


I'm just curious as to why my name and avatar are on your post ?