There something Rotten in Steel-town

The cats go two years in a row can't win
Argos go and win.
There's something rotten here in steel town
That we haven't won the Grey Cup since 99
And the Argos have 2 in 5 years

To me this reeks of incompetents who I don't know
There is something terribly wrong with our Tiger Cats
They were lucky that Ottawa Saskatchewan where bad


Argos hired a president who hired GM who hired a coach.

Everyone stayed in their lanes and did their job.

Created a culture free agents wanted to be part of and it paid off. Signed veterans in free agency, didn't "mutually part ways" with people.

No desperate overreaching promotions, no 3 headed GMs, just an old fashioned top down structure.

The way I feel right now one cup won't be enough.


A fair bit of randomness. i read Argos have been to 8 Grey Cups in the last 30 years and won them all.

Come on, even with a 90% win certainty you should have lost at least once.

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There is a lot rotten. It starts with Scott Mitchell. Letting Burke go to Ottawa was a bad move, it seems he was the one finding all the good players as a bunch of them left for Ottawa with him. We let so many guys go who went on to be impact players on other teams, meanwhile the guys we kept to replace them just straight up stink. How good would this team be with Mauldin, Acklin, J. Grant, Darby, etc etc. If the GC wasn’t in Hamilton next year I’d say burn it all down to the ground and start over.


Hi folks! This is a legitimate thread given the frustrations of the past season(s) and the success of our arch-rivals down the road (who manage to win Cups with a skeleton crew for management and with a handful of fans). BUT - this topic seems to bring out the worst in many of us and any comments about fellow fans being 'cheerleaders' or who is a 'true fan' will get you silenced. Also - endless, repeated posts about speculation as to the Cats' finances or insulting comments about ownership will get you silenced. None of us knows how close the Cats spend to the cap or what the Caretaker thinks when he goes to sleep at night. Finally, try to keep the questions about management to this thread. Folks who don't want to hear / read it - are invited not to participate. But other threads like the BLM thread, should stick to that topic as much as possible.

Last off-season people were at each other's throats and it was unpleasant. We are hoping to avoid that this off-season.


The Mods.


Sadly, seeing what has happened to a team we care about can bring these responses out of us.


Seeing the Argos win three Cups in 10 years is like having sand kicked in your face with your mouth open. I get it. But beating each other up on the forum (or anywhere else) isn't the answer.


Some of us are pissed off because we are out of excuses.

Infrastructure - check
Financial security - check
Huge front office, personnel and coaching group - check
Fully committed owner - check
Dedicated fan base - check
Weaker Eastern division - check

So why so long with so little success?

The Argos don't have 5 out of 6 of the above and they keep making regular appearances and winning the whole enchilada!

We all know what the definition of insanity is right?


If this is the official off-season "what the heck is wrong with us?" thread, I will contribute my half-serious explanation first.

Those blaming Steinauer or Mitchell or Young are not looking high enough. We need to think supernatural.

For reasons unclear, we have been blighted by the football gods themselves.

If Tiger-Cats are ever shaping up to be the best team in the league, the football gods will cause our QB's knee to randomly explode (2015, 2019).

If we are well positioned in a home Grey Cup game, they will cause the appendix of a key Canadian starter to explode two days before the game (2021).

If we unleash a potential game-winning play, they will nullify it by causing a player to throw a brain-fart illegal block (2014).

Should we ever overcome all of these obstacles in a Grey Cup game, watch for a bolt of lightning to strike down our star player on the field of play, or a damn Canada Goose to fly into the path of a game-winning TD pass (year TBD).

These same football gods inexplicably bestow favour upon the Argos. If their heavily favoured opponent is on the verge of posting a 15-point lead with five minutes left in the game, a mysterious force will cause said opponent to cough up the ball, followed by a 109-yard return to tie the score. A play you might see once in 25 years. (2017)

Or whatever the hell happened in the fourth quarter yesterday. I'm still digesting that.

Anyone seeking justice needs to find out (a) why the gods have forsaken us, and (b) how to appease them so that they may see fit to stop crushing our mortal heads with their giant invisible thumbs.

All theories welcomed.


Wrong coaches, wrong players wrong management. A owner with lots of money and no idea how to build a winning culture. But great a marketing a dumpster fire.


Kind of like watching the federal government operate a football team. Lots of money, no accountability, gaslighting, top heavy and no clue how to put a team together piece by piece. This why I gave up my season tickets after twenty years. Still a fan, but I have learned not to expect much.


Football is a game of inches
2014 we lost the cup by one bad ( unnecessary) illegal block
2017 the Argos won the cup after Calgary fumbled at the Argo 10 up by 8 points with 4 minutes left
2021 we lost the cup by a finger tip pass deflection in the endzone ( and a strange single point consession a minute before)
2022 8 times out of 10 Winnipeg makes that field goal at the end
We could have just as easily won the cup last year. The Argos could just as easily lost in 2017 and 2022.
It really sucked to have the Argos win yesterday. After Speedy bad mouthed the Ticats in the media last week and after his objectional conduct penalty in the 4th quarter yesterday I really wanted him to lose. That being said, I am hopeful ( delusional?) that the Ticats will pull out "all the stops" for 2023 and win the cup at home. I just renewed my season seats and purchased my Grey Cup tickets. I guess , according to some,I'm part of the problem, blindly giving the team my money every year.


All I want is 1999 to become a Prince song again and not the joke us Cat fans have to endure. It’s getting a little tired.

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Perhaps we can arrange a management/operations swap. Winning every 5 years would be a massive improvement!

The only other variable - us Tiger Cats fans! :crazy_face:

I heard on TSN today, that ever since Pinball became GM of the Argos, they managed to get to the Grey Cup 7 times, and won them all.

Now if that isn't great Management, I don't know what is.
So, it all starts at the top, and time to clean house.


One of these things Ain’t like the others!
Grey Cups since 2000

Toronto 4
Calgary. 4
BC. 3
Edmonton 3
Montreal. 3
Saskatchewan 2
Winnipeg. 2
Ottawa. 1

Hamilton. Zero

Nuff said


Ummm...everybody knows it's because of "The Curse of the Logo".

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Is this a real curse or something you just made up? If it’s real I’m curious to hear more.

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