There should only be one thread on why we lost this game

Defense - awesome
O - Line - acceptable
kicking - acceptable
Running - great - fumbles will happen
receiving - good enough

The leader is the QB, if NFL fans, US fans or heck, US highschool football fans were watching this, they would have thought it was a movie about a QB that won a contest to play in a CFL game, I am not being funny!!!!

lol i saw highlights from the mac game today and even there qb can throw the deep ball. the only thing maas can do is hand the ball off and throw a little 2 yard pass

sometimes he can't even throw the little 2 yard pass Makaveli lol as we saw today with that little 2 yard shovel pass!

true lol. and that was probly the ugliest pass i have ever seen

Maybe there should be only on e thread with subsections devoted to different players, special teams defence and Offence. What a great idea.

Anyone else notice that pass was left-handed? Just like the bad pitchout he made to Holmes in the home opener at the one yard line.
He wears a tacky glove on his left hand. The ball seemed to stick in his hand too long.

(okay, go ahead and say it, he can't throw with his right had either.)