There should be a Superbowl vs Grey Cup game

I've given this much thought and would be a great thing to promote football in north america and have fans from Canada joining together and playing against the US.

I brought this up many years ago with some friends.

I thought it would be great to have the grey cup champs play the superbowl champs in 2 games.
1 in America palying NFL rules.
and one in Canada using cfl rules.

that would be awesome especially if it were BC vs The Raiders

I agree with the rules being played in whichever country the games are in but I think it should be a best 2 out of 3 and a winner crowned. Obviously the CFL would be the one initiaing this to the NFL, would they really be interested?

How about calling it, the 'North American Super Cup' or the Grey Bowl

I say that is a great idea but it should be exhibition games. and how abou playing both games and combining the scores of both like the CFL did in 1986 in the East Final.

NFL would never agree to this because they have everything to lose and nothing to gain. If they win, they would just say" Told you we were the best". If they lose, the credibility of their whole league is gone. No way they would agree to such a game. Not just the CFL, but they would not play any team from any other league. Just common sense.

i really doubt the cfl team would have a chance against the nfl team.

I agree, AF1. Tha'd be like, say, the Patriots taking on the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe. While that would make a not bad football version of the third Major League movie (which kinda sucked), it would basically be a total squash.

I agree that the CFL team would get walked over most, if not, eveny time (especilly if it was the Argos vs. the Pats), but it would be intreresting to see.

No offence intended...BUT... ARE YOU INSANE!

I disagree. Its like comparing apples to oranges. They have never played each other and bigger doesn't always win. If flutie or garcia can go up there and make a big mark surely the best CFL team could do some damage.

The question is not whether or not the CFL team will be competitive - they may win once every ten years or so - but rather what rule sets, who would agree to it, who would care, etc etc etc. The NFL uses the CFL as a sidebar minor league, much like the AFL. The only people who are in those two leagues are there for one of three reasons:

  1. They're psychotic and want to play football year-round (hell, I'd do it, if I really liked football all that much)
  2. They're trying to break into the NFL and they're too old to draft / out of college
  3. They prefer the game, league, team, cities, whatever, and they plan to make their careers in a "minor league" system (this constitutes a LOT of legendary players)

There is no way that the NFL can play the CFL champ. It makes no sense. The current form of the Patriots is such that they will walk all over the Esks or Argos or Roughies. The SB champs between Denver and New England may have been able to lose to the CFL team (Tampa Bay, St. Louis, and 2001 Pats), but no 'dynasty' team would.

You'll see that there have been CFL-NFL/AFL games, in the 60's was the last time I believe.

Super Bowl champs vs. Grey Cup champs. Realistically, it won't happen. Nonetheless, it is interesting to talk about. Perhaps, a video game maker could invent a game where the two champs play each other with options to play under NFL or CFL rules. How popular it would be? I don't know, but I'd buy it.

That sounds like the way to go, same goes for an CFL All Star game.

Remember the Stallions, didnt have to worry about the ratio, would have been a very average nfl team but kicked the butts of the best cfl team we had at the time, any game between the two champs would be lopsided for sure, but it would be quite a spectacle none the less.

I know it will never happen because the yanks and the No Fun League have nothing to gain and alot to loose especially the stupid "World Champion" crap. But, but, I for one do not buy into just because its American and allegedly "best athlete" they would win. I think not, with our game and our rules, the Grey Cup champ would win and conversly while playing 4 downs and on the postage stamp size field, the opposite would take place. It's nice to dream.

The Stallions were good but BC defeated them in a Grey Cup at BC Place Stadium so they could be beat. Also they had Don Matthews as coach.

The CFL and NFL had some exhibition games or scrimmages back in the late 50s or 60s I think but now the seasons are different.

Football is a game where there is a limit to how many games a player can play in a season. The trend has been to limit the extra and that is why there is only 2 pre-season games now not 4 like the old days when players came to camp to get in shape.

It would be neat to see an NFL - CFL tilt but the US teams are built differently for 4 downs and a smaller field. The CFL teams are established for speed and the big field. Look at the CFL teams and their linebackers. How many would you call real traditional line backers who cover the run for 99.5% of the game. Most are guys who could and many have played CB or DB or S.

The differences would be significant unlike say baseball where the rules but for designated hitters are all the same.

As Argotom said, the NFL has more to lose than the CFL (WORLD CHAMPIONS??? RUBBISH!)

Also the NFL owners won't risk injury for their team or players in a meaningless game.

Good thought, fun discussion, but will never happen in my lifetime.

Soccer is doing" the Clash of Champions" beteew the D.C. United and the champs of the english permenership. that should be intreresting and OVERKILL!

When they say "World Champions", they mean American Football, but still isn't well founded and BS.

Some people here are really clueless.

CFL champs vs NFL champs.

WHY?? To embarrass the CFL? Because that's what would happen? Also, why in the world would the NFL ever agree to this?

What else would you like to see?

Stanley Cup champs vs Memorial Cup champs?

World Series winner against.....well, you get the picture.

Initially, I thought this topic was a joke, but some people are really serious about this.

Get a grip on reality, folks!