There she goes...

I know it was inevitable, but it's still a little tough to see. :cry:

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That's going to look weird when I (we?) sit in the north side for U. of O. games. :?

So what's the capacity of the stadium now? 22k?

So are they gonna be rebuilt?

Good video, thanks for the link. Those demolition guys sure do know their job.

I would say that the stadium will look very much as it looked a few days ago. By only taking down the lower south side it should not take them long to put up a new lower section.

All they have to do now is renovate the rest of the stadium to bring it up to standards. Let us see if the city allows this.

So are they only rebuilding the lower part from scratch? or will they demolish the rest of the southside later?

I don't think that's determined yet. They (the city) took care of the part that they had too. Whomever ends up rebuilding the stadium will make that decision. If they decise to demolish the upper deck too, then it's on their coin, not the city's.

I don't why they cant put up a new section that runs the length of the football field itself (equal to the length of the Northside stands. Not to mention seating at the end of both endzones.

They might very well do exactly that, it just hasn't been decided yet. I know the original offer by Hunt's people had some endzone seating (though I don't recall if it was one or both).

The Hunt group will meet with city officials soon (if they haven't already; it was supposed to be "mid-July"). From that...

A Fall report to a joint meeting of the Corporate Service and Economic Development and Planning and Environment committees will identify what is proposed by the Shenkman business plan/CFL proposal, including financial terms as well as any potential requests for development rights on the site, and [b]a recommendation to Council to accept or reject the proposal[/b]. A second report will seek direction from Council on whether to proceed with the Design Lansdowne competition, and in the event that Council wishes to proceed, propose modifications to the competition process based on the results of the public consultations.
If Council approves it, then we're off to the races, finally! If they don't, then we go back to this retarded competition deal and presumably the Hunt (or Shenkman, whatever name you want to use) Group prepares an official bid.