There must be some logical explanation for all the Injuries.

How can you explain so many injuries?

I don't get it really!

Riders have their entire starting Receivers out! and they keep losing more players now.

Chick hurt again.. Morgan get's hurt, Cates goes down..

like come on!?!?!

is there some reason here?

It's just a freak year for injuries. Nothing has changed this year. Field surfaces are the same, practice/game playtime is the same.

It's just a bad luck year.

I don't buy it.

there's more to it than luck

It could be conditioning of the the players.

well.. I dunno. I'd sure like to find some sort of explanation.

You don't have to buy it, but it's the truth. Nothing is different compared to previous years.

For it to be anything but bad luck, you'd have to find something tangible that could cause those injuries. A change in field conditions or surfaces, fatigue due to extended games or practices, etc. Nothing like that happened this year.

team is made of glass maybe?

Maybe they saw how successful the Lions have been in the past with injuries and are trying to use them as their role model? :lol:

I blame the officiating...
In regards to the Banjo Bowl:
How about allowing Ian Logan to CONSTANTLY and CONSISTENTLY lead with his helmet and lay helmet to helmet hits. Not to mention the spearing that was going on.

I'm sorry, but you want to talk about why there are so many injuries??? Look at what kind of hits the referees are allowing.

For a play by play of JUST Ian Logans hits:
Weston Dressler - helmet to helmet - Concussion
Wes Cates - Helmet to Helmet - taken out for a few
(Very next play as bishops sliding) Helmet to spine - no injury, no call
Marshall touchdown in 4th quarter - Helmet to Helmet (side of head) - Marshall noticeably shaken, no injuries.
No calls on any of these hits.

You want to bring up why there are so many injuries??? Open your eyes. Thats ONE player in ONE game with reference to a previous injury he caused. Unless I'm missing something and they removed/changed the rule regarding trying to kill your opponents?

I think of all the times I've seen a kicker get hit, a RB pulled horse collered, a Quarterback hit in the head, spearing, Facemasking etc. THAT AREN'T CALLED!
The reason for all the injuries this year isn't 'fluke' there's no such thing as 'fluke', luck MAYBE, but not 'fluke'. The injuries this year are DIRECTLY proportional to the illegal hits that are being allowed.

I would like someone to check out the Banjo Bowl gameplay film in regards to Ian Logan. Tell me there's nothing wrong with his play style??? I never saw him ONCE not leave the ground and lead with his helmet. I can't remember the name of the WPG MLB who was laying awesome hits who was unfortunately injured, but he was hitting correctly. He was popping the ball out and making plays, WITHOUT being dirty.

well if teams spent more money on strength and conditioning coaches the injuries would be down, most cfl teams dont really have hardcore strength training programs, plus you dont have off-season training programs like NFL and NCAA teams, most cfl guys go work at some normal job during the winter and get fat and lazy and use training camp to get in shape, if CFL wants to be major league, they need off-season training programs, better nutrition, and teams need to spend money on better weight rooms that can be used year round.

Sorry, do not buy this bad conditioning stuff. I happen to know for a fact that the Riders have an extensive conditioning program and that players can access this off season including weights. I believe that most teams have something similar.

Anyway, how do you blame Chick breaking a finger on conditioning or Dressler getting a concussion? The fact is that when your leg is bent the wrong way, there is a chance of something bad happening.....

The players are made of butter?

I don’t think there’s really an explanation for this.

You can condition all you want but if someone rolls on your leg awkward or you go up for a jump ball and get twisted up and come down wrong, it's not going to prevent injury.

It's just bad luck, plain and simple.