There is only room for one Rocky in TiCat history

There is only one Rocky in my TiCat heart and it was #23.

Lets get this new QB fella to change his name for us.

Maybe thats what happened to D.J. his name was really Danny, but when he came to Hamilton Danny Mac was here...OK, I know he came from Ottawa Rough Riders.

Anyways our new QB should be known by his given name Ian Butler in TiCat land.

If Butler is going on to have a Hall of Fame style career in Hamilton, it would be less confusing to be able to identify him by just one name, and Rocky is already taken!!
Besides Rocky is an awkward name for a QB.
He had a Rocky start, that was a Rocky throw etc.

Ang is taken
Ozzy is taken
Other than those, you can choose whatever name/nickname you like!

Good luck Ian Butler

So because Jason Riley once played for the Cats, Jason Maas should also change his name?

Get off Butler's back, already.

When you say Jason, I think Goss...or that really scary horror flick guy

oo god

Rocky Butler?? I thought we were getting (Rocky) Sylvestor Stallone!! - The Italian Stallion.

Oh well....

One thing for sure - we are going to be more of a running team than a throwing team, and R.B. will be there to run the ball too.

The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

Speaking of about Gail Clark? (Ticats linebacker 1976 #34)

I think there won't be too many more Ticats with the first name Gail anytime soon.... :lol:

Don't forget TE Laurie Skolrood

Lawrie Skolrood. :wink:

(I know because he autographed a football I won in a trivia contest in The Spec in the late 1970s) :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Lubo Zizakovic (sp?)