There is no Offense to run

I am sick and tired of hearing the QB debate. It doesn't matter who you put in there. If the don't have the players, you have no O. When O-linemen can't block and have to resort to holding; when receivers can't get open, it doesn't matter if it is Maas or Chang in there. The bottom line is the O blows and the D is on the field too much. This all makes for a long, losing season. Face the facts!

Well said.

Ok what ever obviously you didn't watch the argo game -Butler was under constant presure the whole game and still managed to do something and put together a decent game. Enough with the excuses, q.b is a problem.

I hate to say it, but the blue team has MUCH better and experienced receivers than we do. They can make ANY QB look good. long as people continue to make excuses for bad quarterbacking, the Tiger-Cats will be destined to fail.....

A good QB rises above stuff and leads the team..... ain't happening here.....sorry....but 5-25 bears that out.....

Tell me, with all your football knowledge and experience, how can ANY QB "rise above" the play of a bunch of pylons (meaning the O-line).

double post.

One question Drexl...did the double blue win?

Watch the game, on 3 of the sacks Mass had time to throw but took too long, they were converage sacks. He has got be aware of what's happening around him and move out of the pocket. Owe, someone tell him to slide when he is about get hit. A QB fighting for the extra yards equals a fumble

"Tell me, with all your football knowledge and experience, how can ANY QB "rise above" the play of a bunch of pylons (meaning the O-line).
You know it's getting a little tired you saying things like this without any proof. You may be correct, but I don't think the Cats are as bad as they look. They need a QB with mobility who is able to get it off quicker with accuracy and everything could change for the Cats.
Until we give someone else a legitimate shot at running this offence none of us including you and Taaffe know exactly what will happen.
If Chang or Williams ever gets the chance and has some success, I would love to watch you eat your words.

Then I will eat them (they are nice and crunchy). It's kinda hard to complete a pass when the receivers cannot get open and the O-line cannot block.

Well we;ll see. I saw receivers open tonight and so did the commentators who actually commented on it early in the game. Maas just has trouble seeing beyond 4 yards.

Maas makes everyone on the team look bad, the O-Line (He's so damn slow), the recievers( No arm strength, usually throws behind them), the coaches(continually playing him), the owner (accepting losses too readily) and the fans(Okay not the fans, cause their just fans and what they hell do they know).

True TCFAN, the other team knows Mass can or will not go deep too often which limits our play calling. The two long balls he completed to French were badly underthrown.

And Danny McManus was fast?
And the receivers get open?
And the coaches don't have any experience?
And Bob doesn't care anymore?
The FANS are great.

Maas is not the leader and everyone knows it that is why they can't win

Oh Bob caretakes, don't worry about that!

Danny Mac won a lot of football games and threw for a lot of yardage, how does Maas' record compare. The coaches do have a lot of experience and that makes them right about everything, now and for all time. I know Bob wants to win but he's got more patience than Moses. Hamilton fans are quite possibly the best in the league, my comment was tongue in cheek sarcasm but maybe you didn't notice.

Maas only lead Edmonton to a key playoff win and then to a Grey Cup when Ricky Ray couldn't get the job done. Now he comes to Hamilton and can't lead. I have trouble believing this. I think that there aren't enough followers on the Hamilton O, which makes the QB look bad.

I keep reading about those 2 games. MAYBE they were flukes. We've been asking for the real Jason Maas to stand up and be counted, well, maybe he has, but he's come up short.(usually by a couple of yards).