There is no "L" in Cobourne

Now that he's on our team, let's show the man some respect and try to spell his name correctly. :smiley:

I think we all have spelled his name correctly A-V-O-N

Thank you once again SB. I indeed made that error.

Hey, can you get a certain hunter of deer to drop that deliberate thing he does with the.................s? I'd be very appreciative.

I'm not a miracle worker. :wink:

His name seems to be spelled both ways .....equally

Example: ... id=3897491

I originally read this as no "love" in Colbourne for the pass happy Grey Cup team that dropped him. Thank you Safelyblitz.

But presumably only spelled one way by the man himself :wink::

Had to add this: There is a video blog from January embedded on his home page where he comments about the poster on the wall behind him, which shows him delivering a straight-arm to, who else? Dwight Anderson. :smiley:

There's also no I in team but there's an M and an E lol.

Sorry but I think Colbourne just sounds a lot better. My opinion matters more than his in this matter lol.

Funny thing is, we seem to have had a rash of names with tough spelling the last while

eg: Taaffe , Maas, Bellefeuille ... to name a few


Port :lol:


To think we play the Als four times this year. Hopefully not in the first six weeks like with the bummers last year.

There is no "L" in Cobourne, and hopefully his addition to the lineup will lead to more W's for us in 2011. :slight_smile:

:thup: Good one!