There is no denying......

There's no denying that our Lions are in a pickle. But you gotta admit, the Lions were in 4 of 5 of their losses. And 3 of those losses they could have, should have won! I'm not sure what that's saying. The Lions were not blown out of Empire Field by a team that has beaten the Lions 7 straight times. In fact not even Calgary was sure how it would go until the last dying seconds.

I don't know how you tell players to keep their yaps shut so they don't take stupid objectionable conduct penalties that just hurt the teams' efforts. And we are still seeing stupid procedure calls and off-side calls.

JJ did spark the team for awhile but like Lulay he got picked off and almost got picked off on two other occasions. For awhile I was thinking the Lions were going to pull off a miracle come back but I guess it wasn't mean to be. The good news is they are only 2 points out of third spot in the west! lol

Am I the only one in the world that saw the int by Lulay was tipped and it looked like he expected and out by the receiver. How does anyone expect to win with that o line. No qb could win with that line! How do they have jobs at the professional level?! I'm sorry but the Lions will have no more luck with Jackson or Printers if that doesn't change.

Search back through the old posts, its a year later and nothing has changed;
The O line still looks like 5 orange pylons, they don't move, they don't block, and asking them to move laterally is akin to asking them to give up their first born. They are simply...offensive.

That plus the Lions playbook seems to be so outdated, and so boring, i was calling the plays from my armchair 75 miles away from the stadium, and the sad thing is, I was right most of the time, now how hard would it be for a professional coach getting paid to figure out what they are going to call? Chapdelaine has proven to be a losing OC why can't Wally see that?

You have to feel for the receivers and the amount of ice they will need today to ease some of the horrendous hits they received, trying to help Lulay complete something, and all Chapdelaine did, was set them up time and again with poor calls.

How effective would the Clagary pass rush have been with a thing called a "screen pass" to Robertson out of the backfield?...hell the O line can't open a hole so why not let them do what they do best, let them let teh D line go past them to the QB and let him dump it over their heads to Jamal......nope not a one.

In the end there is the one hard rule of football....good teams find a way to get it done.

The only reason we are in games is our defense has played fairly well this season. It has nothing to do with our offense. If it wasn't for PI penalties we wouldn't even move the ball into scoring position (where we ultimately settle for FGs anyway but that is another story....)