there is just something about burris

I find that I really enjoy watching burris play, even when he is not having a good game. I find myself wanting to see as much of him as possible before he is done.

For sure. Henry is an old-style ramblin', scramblin kinda QB who just makes things happen. Not sure why there's always such anti-Hank feeling in the league. Likely comes from SK. Too bad because HB is a fun, enthusiastic player with a big heart. He's been good for the CFL and its fans. Wish they had been better to him all these years. Personally, i think he's been a great man and a fine, fine quarterback.

I remember when the Director of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and I were chatting about Burris (when Hank was a TiCat) one day and he said of the many football players to come through the doors of the Hall over the years that Burris was the most likable, friendly and approachable man he'd ever met.

Having met Hank briefly during a couple meet and greets this I hold a similar opinion.. and while Zach is a great QB for us was still crushed to see Hank released from the Cats.

they don't call him Smilin' Hank for nothing. :smiley:

In light of that, and what kenny describes above, I've found some of the reasons that I've heard for hating the guy pretty weak. I didn't follow his career very closely up until he came to Ottawa but there was no questioning his effort last year in what had to be a very tough season. He stayed positive, approachable, hard-working, etc. I'm glad it's paying off for him.

CFL fans have long memories (someone asked me about Dexter Manley this week :roll: ) and some appear to be holding on to old grudges.

MadJack has a neat story about Burris...something about him getting on opponents' nerves by being so upbeat and chipper all the time, even after you sack him :lol: