There is improvement in this team....

Before we all reach for another drink.....
The Defence did a good job..since they played MOST of the game...some mistakes of course but improved.
On Offence...lets NOT blame Maas for everything..
recievers have to CATCH the ball,and as rookies... know to come back to the ball to help the QB.
Too many dropped balls. etc etc.

With lots and lots of new guys...that is what we asked is simply going to take time to get the team on one page.

It's like Taaffe said..I can't just put everything in a Microwave..and instantly make it right.
The only mistake the Head Coach did IMO was pulling Maas before the first half. I guess if it was done to change the tempo...well ok then. But one thing it did show..Chang is not ready to be a starter...yet.
Win Lose or Draw the team will be better.. much sooner than later.

The only mistake was STARTING Maas. Check that, the game plan stunk

The only mistake was taking the field

I dissagree. If any fan thinks you can turn around the team..with all these new guys..overnight Sorry you are dreaming.

I'm not saying that, I'm saying that you cannot EVER turn this team around unless you use the QBs of the future and admit Maas is done.

I saw most of the game from luxuries of home and I too agree that the receivers wer lacking and commend the efforts of the Defence for not letting this game get COMPLETELY out-of-hand. I realize the score was again lobsided but it could have been alot worse.

I get it if Maas could score ANYTHING...ANYTHING...

However, Taaffe needs to change that toaster oven. LMAO :wink:

We have major issues with receivers. Taafe said so himself, by inference, in admitting that there is no deep threat.

Our QB's are not used to the receivers we have, and I for one, could fire the lot for their demonstrated inability to run a route or fight for a ball, but we are going to have to get used to choosing either Maas or Chang starting a game and running an offence until they get on the same page.

The OLine is the same story...I'm sorry guys, but you cannot take such idiot penalties and expect to win games! Or open up like a tomato sandwich and leave the QB to the dogs!

We stunk out there, and there's no getting past it.

The defence got burned every time Bishop went deep!

Including in the first half, where there is no excuse to be blown up (fatigued).

The defence looks horrible, not good, horrible.

And why is Chang not ready to be a starter yet?

Because he threw a pick?

What were his stats on his first 11 throws? Anybody?

Chang did just as good, if not better than Jason Maas did. So the argument that Chang can't start but Maas can is a weak arguement at best.

My biggest worry about starting Chang..from the get-go is he could get shell shocked..big time. This kid IS the you risk starting him to quickly? Is it worth the risk ?

Phillip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers is a good example of what letting "the future" sit on the bench for a couple seasons can do. He is looking like one easily one of the top five NFL QBs playing right now.

Sitting Chang cold help him, but it will be tough to start Maas, after pulling him so soon from the Toronto game.

He set records at Hawaii for most TDs passed, most INTs, most passes attempted (could be wrong)...ran for his life facing all-out blitzes because June Jones thinks runs are a sign of the End Time...and people think this kid is going to be shell shocked???

He LOVES this gig.

There will be growing pains, but guess what? As long as he progresses week-to-week and this team gets competitive again, I can live with them.

Maas will likely feel less pressure coming off the bench and if Chang does take off, he can at least heal a bit more as the insurance policy. Mentor? Just be a second set of eyes. He helped out Ricky Ray and I'm sure he would do the same with Timmy.

Oski Wee Wee,

the one thing i'll say even though i am for sticking with maas i believe if they go with chang he'll need the reps to improve but the problem is at this point i don't see this offence the way it is supporting a young qb and i don't see this to be the way yet.

Chang is the future...and I don't mean in 2 or 3 years. I think he has what it takes to be the full time starter by the second half of the season. I say let him continue to learn until they are not scraping his guts up out of turf. Or risking a serious injury..

My God guys get over it withsaving Timmy Chang. The guy's a proven qurterback. he's not a kid. This is not the NFL. Any starting, record-breaking, all-star QB at an American university should be abled to come onto a CFL team running an offense that he is quite familiar with and be very successful. Chang is a proven winner. The kid doesn't look uncomfortable out there. You sit him on the bench and make him watch Maas screw everything up much longer and he will be on the plane back to Hawaii, and quite frankly I would not blame him. he is the guy. Maas has had all of last year and this year to show what he can do. It's not like he has not been given a chance. Give it up on him.... I wish him the best but I can't take watching him for another down, let along another game.

This is not collage's the C.F.L.

I don't think the issue is college to CFL.

At this point Hamilton cannot convince anybody that starting Maas in Week 3 is a good idea.

The Hamilton coach stated many times last week that Maas is the Man for the job. He went as far as saying, "I didn't see anything in last weeks game (vs calgary) that showed me he didn't deserve to start."

Do you think he can get away with saying that this week? Of course not. He pulled him halfway through the 2nd quarter.

As a group, (yes, not just Maas) this years team is taking the season where my dog watched it go last year.

Thryllin...too many dropped balls.
Look I'm never been a big Maas supporter..But with all these new guys trying to get on the same page..and we all no they still have a long way to go. Do you throw Chang into this time ? I say no.
I believe Chang is to IMPORTANT..long term for the club. And Maas is not...feed him to the wolfs..until then. I know this sounds pretty hardcore..but thats my take on it.

I should have added..Maas can take care of himself...until Chang is ready to be a starter for this team.