Looks like I'll be paying a lot less for my seasons tickets next year.

Seriously, I think this team has a ton of talent. Tre and Casey need more reps together to be as good as Jesse and Casey on the option. I think losing Jesse was a load on the O's mind and they all tried too hard to do it all by themself.

Our D has serious issues. Zeke seems lost out there and our D line is as ineffective as our corners.

This team needs direction and that can only come from one position and Charlie looks more confused than Gordon.

Don't count on it.

14 more games to go.

Toronto will be last. Their defence looks done.

Montreal is playing over their heads, and Winnipeg's futility is surprising many, although I expect them to find their groove as will Hamilton.

It's way early yet.

You do realize that if we don't get that home playoff game then they will just raise the ticket prices by 10% or so. Which will result in you only receiving about 5% off as opposed to 15 right.