there is AC, and Ron Lancaster and...

what QBs in the last fifty years started for one team for at least 10 yrs.

Matt Dunigan.

Oh wait.
He started for EVERY team WITHIN ten years! :smiley:

Tom Wilkinson-Eskimos-1972-81
Joe Zuger-Ti-Cats-1962-71
Jerry Keeling-Stampeders-1961-72
Russ Jackson-Rough Riders-1958-1969
Ken Ploen-Blue Bombers-1957-1967

Anthony Calvillo-Alouettes-1998-13
Ron Lancaster-Roughriders-1963-78

One from each team including AC-Mtl and Lancaster-Sask. I realize that some on my list didn't technically start for a 10 yr span but save for the Lions and Argos (Only 2 teams where I can't remember or find a 10 yr player at qb)They all played for the same team for at least a 10 yr span. If someone out there can recall a 10 yr qb from either BC or Tor please post so the list can be complete,one from each city and team.

The original poster specified playing as a starter for 10 years. Keeling's years as a starter were significantly interrupted by the Peter Liske years, 1966-68. He was still on the team but played DB I believe.

Ploen was more briefly interrupted by Jim van Pelt in 1958 and part of 1959. Jackson shared duties with Lancaster in Ottawa but I don't think Lancaster was ever a true starter there. Zuger had Cosentino as a backup for most of his time. I don't remember at what point Moon took over starting duties from Wilkinson.

And as we both know, Kenny Ploen is consistently the most under-rated of all the "all-time" QBs ever to play the game. He's never in anybody's Top 10 anything. Yet all he ever did was win. Six Grey Cup appearances, four wins. One of the best ever ... and that's the ploen_truth. :smiley:

Not true (the part about not being in anybody’s top ten), Kenny Ploen is one of my all-time favourite players and I have on this site stated many times that he is second on my list of all-time greatest CFL players, one spot behind Jackie Parker and one spot ahead of Doug Flutie. The problem is how do you rate him as purely a quarterback, as with Parker as well. Kenny Ploen, although his quarterback career was great, it is his entire body of work that is extraordinary. He was an all-star on both sides of the ball, but for a good part of his career, the Bombers felt and with some justification, that he was more valuable as a half-back with Jim Van Pelt behind center. That does not mean that he would or should take a back seat to Van Pelt at quarterback, it does mean however that the Bombers were a better team with Van Pelt at Quarterback and Ploen at half back than the other way around. Much like the Eskimos with Parker and Don Getty.

Nicely said! I think the "problem" with KP is the same as Jackie Parker: they are both very difficult to categorize by today's standards. I guess the only accurate way to summarize their careers is to just say, these guys were amazing football players who could do it all. Period.

The problem with Ploen and Parker is the era they played in. There is very little video of them playing while we have complete games from Flutie, Calvillo, Garcia, Dickenson, Moon, Jackson, Lancaster ect.

No knock against them, but they were before my time (and my memory goes back to the 76 Grey Cup) and I have seen very little of them in action. That has a huge impact of peoples opinions.

Not only is there no video, but they played in the "two-way" era when the style of play was very different.


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After today's game, I think the reference is to Banks.

(Yah, I know, he's not a quarterback and doesn't fit in this thread.)

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