Hmmm I think Indy here likes the CFL. Good post!

Oh man this is a dam football forum! See Arius what you started. Are you not genralizing here about Canadian fans. Some us actually like any brand of football. Who cares?

The gene pool could use a little chlorine.

There is certainly nothing wrong with a little friendly rivalry between CFL and NFL fans, after all, football is about competition and the fans are a big part of what makes it a successful sport.

That said, it is certainly possible to enjoy both brands. I don't know that one is any better than the other in terms of overall quality, but for me, and I suspect many others, the CFL game is just more exciting, regardless of the nationality of the players involved. I also enjoy the NFL though, but it's a different style of game altogether. It can certainly be exciting at times.

National pride will always be a part of which game some people like more. That's pretty normal I think. Canadian nationalism has blossomed (some would say festered) over the last twenty years or so and the CFL has benefited from that. Likewise in the US, national pride has a lot to do with why it is so popular; most of the players are American, the rules are American, it's played in American cities. That's OK. They make a great product that has become a fine tradition in the fall. The CFL similarily has the uniqueness and history of the game itself that people can wrap their pride around. That's enough for most Canadians. The game, as different as it is, is every bit as enjoyable regardless of where the players come from and despite the NFL fans' common belief that the quality of the players is better and therefore their game is superior.

When they say that they are really saying "I like my game more because it is all American." That in itself is a fair perspective. Canadians like their game more because it is Canadian. That too is fair. Details such as who's rules are better or who's players are better are part of an endless and largely unwinnable argument that misses the point. We (Americans and Canadians) cheer for who we are and what we know and love.

So Awesomely funny i had to acknowledge it.

You've hit the nail on the head!! I enjoy both Leagues and like the differences that each bring to the table. It is my opinion that Mr. Sandusky hasn't watched or been involved with the CFL and for sure he doesn't speak for all of us that are South of your border.

wow. talk about some sensitive CFL fans. He posted a message that makes some valid points, and the majority of you immediately insult the guy, instead of bringing an intelligent response to the thread.

one of the biggest differences in my opinion is, that the NFL sells out their 80,000 seat stadiums (years in advance), and the CFL fails to sell out their 30,000 seat stadiums. football is football. It takes some pretty short sighted views to think that 3 or 4 downs (or a host of other slight rule disparities) makes that much of a difference in the entertainment value of a football game.

As for run on sentences, poor spelling, grammar, and CAPS LOCKS ... get over it people. I can definitely say the majority of you are not english major's by any stretch of the imagination. Do you people yell and complain to those that stutter or have speech impediments? How about english second language folk? Despite the message in question being a little less than perfect english, it was quite decipherable. Maybe its the reader that has issues with linguistics. However, if you have came to the forums to enjoy the inner workings of beautifully crafted written text - i postwarn - you've absolutely came to the wrong place.


The bottom line like previously said, the No Fun League with more criminals per capita.
Enough said.

Only a few stadiums sell out year after year in advance (such as Green Bay). Most do not.

Yes, one down does make a difference. The pacing and timing of the game is very different. This has been noting many, many times over the years by both players and fans. Entertainment depends on several factors however, the style of game is only part of the equation.

Complaining about complainers is just silly. Pot, kettle, black.

The difference is that we dont go to NFL sites and tell them how the CFL is so much better.

The guy is a troll, plain and simple!

true. Let me correct my statement in saying that the NFL sells out 80,000 seat stadiums EVERY GAME. Some sellout years in advance.

What I don't understand .. if the CFL's 3 downs are so gosh-darn entertaining - so much more than the 4 downs could ever produce.. why can't they sell out 80% of their regular season homegames (with the exception of 20k seat Montreal, and labour day classics)?

football is football .. some people prefer the CFL, some prefer the NFL .. bashing the other league tho is just retarded - its practically the same game with a few subtle differences. I think a lot would be surprised that even a lot of the current american CFL players cannot tell you many of the rule differences between the two leagues. Yet some CFL/NFL zealot fans think the games are so different, that the other is unwatchable. That is just fanaticism, and ignoring the fact that 90% of these rules are the same.


rpaege -- Do you have numbers to support your claim? I suspect not. Almost every game is sold out in the NFL, and I believe a good percentage of teams have season tickets sold out well in advance (I know the team here in Baltimore (Ravens) is sold out year after year, as well as nearby East coast teams (Redskins, Eagles, Jets, Giants)). The only team that really struggled to sell out games on a regular basis was the Arizona Cardinals. It's hard to sell out games at NFL prices for a consistently losing team that plays in an open-air college stadium in the desert, but now that they have their fancy new stadium, the Cardinals are sold out in advance.

As for CFL vs. NFL, yes they are different, but they are more similar than they are different. I like both, and I appreciate that Canadian football is a bit different than American football. Were the rules the same, the CFL would be a lot less interesting.

The most talented players would have success in either league. However, because of the different rules, it seems to me that certain traits (e.g., am emphasis on speed/quickness over height/bulk), and perhaps mindset or work ethic (since the players have to settle for less than superstar money), are more valuable in the CFL if a player can't make it in the NFL.

YOU made the original claim that the NFL sells out 80k seat stadiums years in advance so YOU produce evidence to support that. You can backtrack all you like and modify your original statement to now say "a good percentage of teams...", but that is not really very different from what I said. If you are going to make sweeping generalizations (which I did not do) the onus is you YOU to put with facts, not me. I simply called you on it.

I can tell you that Oakland most certainly does NOT sell out the Coliseum every year. In fact, it is very very easy to get tickets for ANY game. I bought a season ticket this year and I had my pick of ANY section. Sure the Raiders snck, but that doesn't change your original claim.

So please, lets see your facts, since it is YOU who made the original blanket statement.

But all this is bickering is really quite pointless anyway. Many NFL cities are several times bigger than Canadian cities. The population is ten times what it is in Canada. Of course they're going to get higher attendance figures. You get high attendance nearly ANY sport here (except soccer). You could stage a tiddlywinks contest and get 5k people in some cities. For a city like Regina to pack a 25k seat stadium is simply awesome, given the population of that city. Keep it in perspective.

14/32 sell out. Less than half.

rpaege, you do realize you are referring/responding to two different people eh?


As has been pointed out, it wasn't me who made the original claim. I simply responded to your response.

First of all, these numbers must be for actual (not paid) attendance (which somehow can exceed stadium capacity -- not sure how that works). You can't tell me that the New York Giants, New York Jets, and Chicago Bears do not sell out each and every game years in advance.

I'll give you the fact that there are some teams, such as the Oakland Raiders, that don't sell out every game. A couple of others would be the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars, which I believe both have been having a little bit of trouble. I believe the San Diego Chargers have had some trouble as well which is alleviated because they are such a good team right now. There was even some speculation of them going back to LA. In all of these cases, these are teams playing in older stadiums, and in the case of the Bills and Jaguars not very big markets. And, if they aren't selling out, the attendance is still close to capacity (nothing like what the Cardinals had been experiencing). New Orleans was having some problems as well, but the effect of Katrina sort of galvanized the community behind the Saints, and now that they're one of the top teams in the NFC they should be good for the near future.

You're still looking at the majority of NFL teams selling out all their games. I'd say at least 75% (and likely more).

It is true that the supporters of the Saskatchewan Roughriders are impressive. They have nowhere near the market size of the other CFL teams, but draw as well as most of the teams. On the other hand, the support in Toronto for the Argonauts is pathetic. It has gotten better than it used to be, which is good, but they really should be able to sell out each and every game. (No offense intended to the Toronto fans here that do actually support their team.)

I'm sorry, I did not realize that it was not Geoff who made the original claim of sellouts. My apologies. However, why hold me to task when I was refuting the original poster?

Perhaps the three biggest cities in the US sell out for their teams in advance, but who knows for sure if can't offer evidence to show that? Certainly not you or me.

Geoff, everything you has stated about NFL attendance is PURE speculation not fact. You are guessing. Please try and track down some figures to back up what you say, if you won't accept ESPN's numbers.

rpaege -- You claimed that most the NFL teams aren't able to sell out their games years in advance. I was wondering if you had something to back it up.

To be more accurate, none of the teams sell out years in advance, they sell out the season tickets (often to PSL holders) and then have a waiting list of people who want to become season ticket holders. I suppose this is what we're talking about with the term 'sell out in advance'. Then, the teams have some limited number of less desirable seats that go on sale to the general public. This is how the Ravens do it, at least.

I accept ESPN's numbers to be accurate for actual attendance. Look at the numbers. Are you seriously suggesting that the Pittsburgh Steelers don't sell out all their games? The Dallas Cowboys? You know that's not true, and you don't need any source to back that up.

You showed some good class for sticking up for the origional poster that started this thread. For that I salute you.
People may be able to agree or disagree with him, but no one should bash him on issues that are not related to his point.
As for the NFL attendance. One thing I should point out to all you nay sayers, is that I live at the Canada/US borders.
A big difference between NFL fans and Canadian fans is that they are not only die hard fans who fill up their stadiums, but they also fill up the bars and most other venues that show the games on the big screens while at the same time they are wearing their teams jerseys.
If you want to see football fans, visit any pub in the USA on game day.

Gotta agree with BB.

StatiK76 – That was a classy post.

Trolls dont need anyone to "Stick" up for them.
Go back and read his posts, up until a little while ago he admitted to have never even seen a Canadain game, yet to felt qualified to post things that are wrong with it.

He is not used to our game so we have to change it!

Are these the posts of someone who wants to discuss football or are they the posts of a troll?

Your ignorance is unbelievable. Because we live in Canada we don’t know football? Dude we invented the sport.We could care less how it’s played in the US, this is our sport! Our league! No American basterdization of the game! Saying the NFL is better is a matter of preference, so your entitled to say that. However, I’m willing to bet you’ve never watched a CFL game. The CFL is more exciting, more history, more passion, love of the game and not cash cow, quicker and a million times better. You seem to underate the talent of these guys. Several NFL players, who are good NFLers would not be stars in the CFL. Different games, look at that Williams guy. Oh yeah, Ricky!

Canadians are especially attached to this league because there’s no american influence like the NHL which has been Americanized, actually hickanized/rednecked to try to appease people in Nashville and Raleigh, while pissing people like me who actually care about hockey. Secondly it includes all areas of the country. A sense of belonging, plus the rivalries and the grey cup.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the NFL, but CFL is way better.