there is a big difference in the cfl and the nfl.i think with all yall living in canada that yall dont know how football is played from grade school all the way to the ncaa.maybe if you lived the states yall would see the difference but by looking at the rosters of most cfl teams i see america ncaa guy who some didnt even get picked in a nfl draft or were cut by a nfl team.i dont see a big number of cis players in the nfl or would we care if there was.the nfl is bigger faster and the best pound for pound i dont care what rules or what field you play the games on not knocking the cfl it football i just see canadians trying to grasp at some sense of nationalism against the usa that my 2 cents on it

Dont you have anything better to do than hang around and flame something you know nothing about? were not grasping at nationalism we just like the CFL more then the no fun league...

I think some get very offensive about CFL vs NFL, but whatever. That is a waste of time.

I like both leagues and defend both leagues.

And believe me, I knew a lot of friends growing up that played footballl from grade school to university ball, in Canada.

In the future just stop assuming that all us Canadians think alike.

all you have fucking done since you joined is critisize the cfl and Try to compare to completly different games. Go back to your NFL With all your spoiled little brats who get mad if there only being payed 2 million dollars! Most of the players here dont care about the money too much and just love the game so just fuck off.

Case in point.

Its all good.

If football was as much a part of our upbringing in our culture as hockey is, then you would be seeing a different story.

Look at the Canadian talent in the NHL. ( i know its not football)
You cant find an NHL that isnt dominantly Canadian boys. (Anahiem Ducks more Canadians than any other NHL team) Even management within NHL teams are often Canadian guys.

Relax and enjoy the football guys.

nominated for run-on sentence of the year

holy good English batman

Your 2 cents isn't worth a plugged nickle!
You babble on endlessly about things you can't comprehend, and think you are being profound.
Y'all need to get yourself a hobby or something--maybe join the marines--I think the USA has a few countries left to invade....

Yall need to find the comode! What you are giving us really is crap! :lol:
Thats see you come to the cfl site to do what my friend. You have not accomplished nothing. So either take part in the discussion of the CFL or post in other football where it belongs. He is looking for an argument do not give him one. :lol: Larry will you talk to this man!

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed by "sanduskyohiobro" are in no way shape or form those of anyone else living in Ohio. In fact...the rest of our state doesn't even recognize Sandusky as being part of Ohio! :lol:

Get. A. Life.

Go wave for a fair catch, you fairy! :lol:

lol, sandusky, your too funny. If I had to sit through an entire Browns game like you, I’d be bitter too. Not many other teams in the goood old NFL a Browns fan can slag on, so he comes up here to try his luck. You are truly a sad, bitter little man and you have have my sympathy, Browns fan, hahaha.

Some free advice to sanduskyohiobro:

  1. Learn spelling

  2. Learn grammar

  3. Learn punctuation

  4. If you are going to attempt to use the English language, at least make an honest effort to use it properly.

Sad, isn't it, what Hookd on Phonix does to people?

At least he got rid of the caps.. he must have figured out how to unlock the caps on his keyborad..LOL. Sandusky, you are comparing two very different games, so tell who do you think has the better athletes-- the NBA or the LPGA?

Tell me sandusky, do you still wet the bed at night from those John Elway induced night terrors, hahah, Browns fan hahaha.

kids start playing in grade school in canada dude.maybe the fact the U.S. has a few more people living there and playing football might be the reason there are a few better players in the us.

You are right they have 100 times more population. But they start playing football at the ripe old age of 5 years old. Much like Canadian kids start hockey at a young age. Is there not a game between Canadian football kids vs USA football kids? I thought the Candians have won it three years in a row can some one correct me on that?

You are right, there are differences between the CFL and the NFL. The great Shaun King lasted 7 seasons in the NFL. He lasted 2 weeks in a CFL training camp. The star Quincy Carter was a starter for 3 years in Dallas for a little team called the Cowboys. He lasted a week at the Alouettes training camp...

I could go on with more examples. I prefer to bring up another stat. More NFL players were arrested during the last year than CFL players during the last few decades (probably even 50 years). Just Pacman Jones (10 arrests) and the Cincinnati Bengals (10 different players arrested in the last 14 months)as a team probably account for more arrests of CFL players within the last 20-30 years or more. Our players (import and non import) for the most part are also classier than a lot of the NFL hoodlums!

I don't care what you think (or that you write like a drunk monkey on acid), the CFL is a tough league for a player to be succesful, it is wonderfully entertaining, and it is the best and most fun football ever!

This Sandusky is no different than us Canadian fans.

He thinks his game is better. We think our game is better. Neither of us are right. Neither of us are wrong.

One thing I know is wrong is how this guy posts. I never knew you could fit 300 words into one sentence.

Don't they teach you about periods and commas down there Sandusky?