Someone better warn Rob Vanstone of the Leader Post to keep his eyes closed on Sundays game, because he may see something that he doesn't want to. His boyfriend, Henry Burris is going to be under presure all day, and don't anyone think for one second that if anyone gets to him, that they will take it easy on him.
Reggie Hunt said it best that he will be kissing his turf, and do you really think that he will have the "million dollar smile" if he has no teeth? This is not the same injury riddled defence that you saw before Mr. Burris, so watch out Henry, because there coming!!!

I hope the Riders knock the living snot out of the smiling Face of Henry Burris. I dont think he understands what he did to this team and this province. First of all, he went back on his word, which is major no no. And second of all, QB was a huge issue the last few years here in Sask, so we finally found a half ddecent QB, so he leaves us because we are a community owned team and we cant afford to pay him $400 000 a year.

Gotts you do not know what you are talking about. It wasn’t about money. we offered him as much as Calgary. Hes gone, its over get over it, boo him, but we don’t need to cause bodily harm.

And also bigj, its they’re, not there.

awwwwwww did he cut you little guys deep, :frowning::(:(, maybe you guys should have offered him a few more sheep and a barn and he might have done it

Be sure to wear those Burris sucks shirts! They are lucky for the Stamps.
Is this not the same story line as the last game!

Sorry Billy Soup I didn't know this is a spelling/English class you loser.

Do you actually think I care that he left us. We have a minimal amount of money, and after he left we signed a few key players. I would take Reggie Hunt, Gene Makowski, Kenton Keith, and whoever else they signed after they freed up money over one player. This is a team game. Didn't the Stamps have a losing record before he got hurt?

Ah Billy this shows us that you went to that school on the hill! That Hiiiigh Schoool! Bigj is not going to like you for this. After all is this not a forum you knew what he said! But again you are right go get it out of their system
Henry is back cheer him on!

I do hope he gets sacked a lot, but more from the point of view that it means our coverage downfield was good, and the stamps running game isn’t going well… which may translate into a rider win, provided they’re not doing the same thing to us.

redwhite’05 (I shortened it eh, although it took just as long to type :slight_smile: ), I read that Crysdale got hurt in the Hamilton game, but didn’t have time to read the whole article. Is he playing this weekend? If not, who’s replacing him?

Jamie is probably done for the year. I believe the guy that replaced him when he was out is back in.

Right.... that guy...... the one with the face, right? :slight_smile:

I did read the part of the article where he said that he had already considered this being his last year, but this would be a bad way for his year to end. It would be too bad if he can't play again, you never want to see a guy go out like that.

Jamie has had it tough injuries and the health of his young daughter, He is one very classy guy.

That's right, I forgot that was him.... was it last year or this year he missed some of training camp to be with her?

Billy, please go out and find a job or a girlfriend. You, my friend made some grammar mistakes in your little post to someone who made the exact same mistake. Come on, you honestly mean to tell me that you have that much free time on your hands that you can go through and find all the little mistakes that people make. You try and act like a geneous, but half the stuff you say on here you wouldnt say to the person's face if you had the chance. If you cant beat people with your football knowledge, then dont try to make them look stupid with the grammar or spelling they use. This is a CFL football fan forum, not the classroom. If people start using spelling like ur for your or whatever, then call them on it because that sometimes gets hard to read. I'm sorry to redwhite2005 for calling him an idiot in another forum, and to anyone else who I have said that to. Lets start respecting people's opinions on here. I am not saying you cant challenge what some people think about the game, because that is what this forum is all about. I think I may have done the same thing as you Billy, to someone else, and I want to say I am sorry for it.

I'm sorry greenandwhite that I offended you so much. Its just the their they're there, and your you're is a huge pet peeve. Bigj did it twice in the post and the title of the post. I was responding to Gotts, and just added that correction becuase I was already posting and took two seconds.

I don't think its such a bad thing to correct grammer. It would be a lot easier to read things that some people say on this site, if people would use the english language even a small amount better. I don't profess to have perfect grammer. I just grew up in a family that always corrected grammer and such (teacher's kid), and I guess its a hard habit to break.

HeyG&W good post, you are correct Billy wonders why he is a target and you have just pointed out that reason. As far as calling me an idiot that is not a problem I have been called worse daily. My customers do not like me! They do not get to go home! So I get called lots of things. Respect yes I agree sometimes though it happens! Billy list to G&W quite being so perfect ha ha ha ha.

I am going to wade in on this discussion to put in one thing that I heard directly from one of Burris' former teammate, and I guess, still friend off the field. He said that Burris was offered a lot more money to go to Calgary then to stay in Regina. When you are talking CFL salaries here for the most part money talks, and if you don't offer it, the player walks. The only thing that Burris leaving did for Saskatchewan was cost them 3rd place out right, because there was no way the Riders finish any higher even with him.

See Billy that just bugs a lot of people. Use your great football knowledge! HEy did I say something nice to you I must have been sleep walking or something!

Personally I don't have a problem with Burris leaving for more money. It is when he said that this is his home, and he is going to stay here. Like he didn't know that Calgary was going to offer him more money before he said all of this. Calgary was fined last year for saying that they were in pursuit of Burris, before they had the right to talk to him. He wanted a competitive offer, which if you think about cost of living, the salary was competitive.
Burris is a baby. He couldn't handle the fact that he might have to fight for a starting spot. Can you blame Shivers for not giving it to him? They Riders had the best record since I can remeber with Greene starting. But what more can you expect from him. He went to the NFL, even though he knew he wasn't going to start. He is a greedy S.O.B., and you can either be a fan favorite, or you can shut your mouth and play football, but you can't be both.