There are a few teams with out a head coach.

Toronto and Montreal are with out HC's who will fill these jobs in your opinion. And with OB as GM for the TCats will there be an openning there.



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Tom Higgins will be a leading candidate in Montreal. Maybe Mathews might come back. I think Rich Stubler is a "Shoo-in" for the Toronto job.

Poor Champlaine is gonna be left out in the cold. :lol:

Hey Chief, I forgot...Edmonton needs a Head Coach!

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All they have is Machocia! :twisted:

Sportsmen I agree with you about Stubler, but disagree about Higgins. Als are interviewing this week Greg Marshall, Steve Buratto, and Richie Hall; Chris Jones is also in the mix. The Als' new head coach will likely be one of those four. Higgins has said Montreal hasn't called him, so I sure don't see him as a 'leading candidate.'

Thanks for the news Madjack. I'm surprised, I thought Higgens would have gotten an interview. Burrato is a curious one since he has been a HC in BC and Calgary but ended up going back to "Lesser" coaching positions.

Burrato has been a failure as a HC in the past, I hope the Als hire him. :wink:

Obie might clean house in Hammer, which means Taaffe might find his way back to Montreal ?

Stubler is a shoe in in TO.

The Stamps need a DC, unless Huffer plans on doing that himself too. :wink:

My local news said the Argos will announce him as the new HC tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure Obie will be keeping Taaffe in Hamilton, at least for this year.
I'm hoping he can get Chapdelaine for our OC. The Esks made him their scapegoat in order to save Maciocia's neck. Edmonton's problems started before J.C. got there.

Maybe... but he didn't really help...

Ouch Dave Chap has been run out of town more then the town drunk. He was run out of Calgary, left BC on his own, now let go in Edmonton. AYou might be right if the pattern remains the same. But I think the fans of Hamilton have had enough coaches that do not know what they are doing. MO