this should be GREAT!

good stuff, but I haven't heard of this group.

Maybe Micheal Buble will do the West Final

.....again, it's BUBLE.....

like bible but with an "u" instead or an "i"

try and spell my last name jm02!

If I knew your last name was, I would I wouldn't.....I'm really not that concerned about it.....

he CAN sing! :smiley:

Thats pretty cool. TOAD is a pretty good band. Better then what Vancouver has to listen to. Hahaha.

"Don't phunk with my heartt"

I absolutely can't stand Theory of a deadman. They are worse version of Nickleback. And I hate nickleback, so I think you get what I am saying.

Sorry whenevr someone mentions this band it gets my ire up, and I have to vent.

Theory of a bedpan is coming eh? I saw the lead singer dude from that band attempt the national anthem at a Jays game earlier this year. He wasn’t great, but I’ve heard worse.

I agree with Billy though, they are just a sub-standard Nickelback knockoff, and that ain’t sayin’ much.

Still, it’s better than the average halftime show at the RC.

Actually , this was D.G.'s scoop , that I missed.

However , they are popular with young people.And they are produced by NICKELBACK. I can't hurt sales.

here is a hint, Everbody spells it like Clemens or Clemetz.

all in good fun, jm02, all in good fun :wink:

So, how about Clemence, then.....

ding ding ding, WHAT DO WE HAVE FOR HER? JANE???