Theory: CFL players experience lower rates of injuries

Theory: CFL players experience lower rates of injuries, particularly concussions, than their NFL counterparts. Fact or BS? I've been watching the CFL for about 4 seasons, and this seems to be the case. I attribute it to key differences in the game, like 3 downs, all of the backfield motion, bigger field, and line of scrimmage. Is it just my imagination? Is there any statistical data? What do you guys think?

I hadn't thought about it but I suppose that may be the case. It's pretty hard to say without some stats to back it up, and those probably exist somewhere but might be a closely guarded secret.

It kind of makes sense that on a smaller field with bigger players there will be more violent collisions more often. On the other hand, the CFL has a few more situations that can result in very violent collisions, such as punts and other kick returns, which have been largely eliminated from the NFL. So maybe it's a wash, I dunno.

A few years ago the NFL was looking at the CFL as an example of how a wider field can cut down on injuries.

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Hey, it makes a lot of sense.

I don’t remember very many concussions this year in the CFL. A good sign.

The NFL wanted to sign up for the CTE study but insisted the other sports get included in the study before they went ahead and funded this study. What was discovered in some of the research is that female soccer was higher than other sports for concussions. They don’t know why but suspect reasons. Tomorrow I will try to find the link to this discussion paper.

I tried to start a thread last winter on rule differences in the CFL/NFL/CIS/NCAA and how rule differences affect injuries but it got little traction. Should also include Aussie rules football and Rugby in these studies.

Things a study might look at is type of field, field size, yard off of the ball, % of injuries in running plays/passing plays, rule differences/contact rules, helmet design, etc. Would be interesting and the universities could lead it. CFL this year has a medical spotter at the games and think this was a good idea.

Need to make kids football safe or parents will not let their kids join. Grass roots football has to be nurtured or it will have an affect on the future of the game.