Then Vs now!

So, this time last year, who woulda thought we'd have who we have on our team, and how much more optimistic We can all be going into this off season!

Remember the 3-4 years following the Blue Jays while they built themselves up towards the two magical years?....well, same thing goes for our current Tiger-Cat team.........the journey to the top is sometimes the fun part. We're on our way ......I can feel it.

Arland Bruce just said on the radio, as he was locker cleaning, he had trouble sleeping the last few nights and had nightmares.......that says it all right there!. This team is going places and I'm looking forward to next year even more!


Good questions! And great work by Obie. Looking forward to what this offseason may bring.

I had goose bumps at the game on Sunday. I also had a little tear becuase they were so close to finishing off BC. In any event, you are correct we are back and getting ready to provide some serious concerns to the other teams. What got me the most on Sunday was the excitement and true compassion for our team. As Archie Ammerson said to the CBC camera crew before the 1999 Grey Cup ........... Were back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oski Wee Wee