Then there was....oh wait sorry...superbowl predictions?

So, by the grace of god, my Cardinals made it to their first superbowl. Does anyone think they have a shot?

Your stupid Cards eliminated my Eagles!! :thdn:

I think the Cards will win the Super Bowl! Did you see what they did to the Eagles?

The Eagles suck. The Steelers D will mob the Cards! :twisted:

That what everybody said about the Eagles defence/ But did it happen?

Where do you get off comparing the Eagles D to the Steelers D? :lol:

im taking the cards.


Larry fitzgerald catches the game winning TD and is named the Super Bowl MVP.

Kurt Warner secures a future spot in the HOF and retires.

This is pretty much what i was thinking to but with a side dose of Edge aswell. Plus the card's D is playing pretty good, with the exception of the 3rd Q against the eagles. If the card's can get up early they win. Pittsburg doesnt have the same deep threat, quick hit home run, as the card's do.

Regular Season:

Steelers D was 1st

Eagles D was 3rd

Late in the season when the offense would do nothing (for the Eagles) The D would come through. All season when the offense would do nothing for the Steelers the defense would come through. Going into the NFC Championship game I thoght the Eagles D would dominate, just like they did on American thanksgivinng. But then the Cards got a more balanced attack, keeping the D on its toes for the whole game. They weren't able to key on the pass any longer. The Eagles who did that on thanksgiving werenot able to double Fitz, and even if they had he still would have caught the ball! LOL

Now on to the Steelers:

Everybody thinks the Steelers D will own like they thought the Eagles would in the NFC championship. But to make it short. THEY WON'T why? because of the resons I listed above

Steelers win by 14. Unless of course Warner just keeps tossing the pigskin up and Fitzgerald keeps jumping up, contorting his body to catch pass after pass, td after td then the Cards could easily win by 14. Really.

I knew the Eagles had a decent D, but I didn't realize it was ranked 3rd in the league... :? Interesting. I'll still take the Steelers, though. Troy Palumalu is always good for a pick.

I will take the Cardinals, all the "experts" bet against them, and they always seem to prove those so-called experts wrong.

Cardinals 34 Steelers 27

actually very similar statistically.

I hope you are right!

I'm pulling for Pittsburgh. I think it's amazing that Tomlin made it to the big game in his 2nd year as a head coach.

with Bill Cowher's team? and you do realize Ken Whisenhunt is only in his second as welll right?

I agree, Tomlin inhearated a superbowl winning, consitanly 10 win team while whisenhunt inherited a crap team going no where....although this is a dream run for my cards....its a fluck and i don't expect a 12-4 season or anything like taht next year.

I always like the underdog so I’m on the Cardinals bandwagon. Plus they are actually entertaining, contrary to the Steelers who play typical boring NFL football. It’s funny because the knock on the Cardinals is that they rely to much on their ofense and passing game, never do you hear that in the CFL.

In anycase the Steelers won 2-3 years ago, so hopefully this time the Cards will win it. Fitzgerald is amazing.

This game predictable and less story line if the Steelers win. But big story line if the Cards do it. Agree, like the underdog, I'm not huge on the NFL except I do like watching it, just not the passion I have for the CFL but still - Go Cards, stick it to them Steelers!!

I'm really hoping the Cards win and even better if they could win big although unlikely. I've got nothing against Pittsburgh except that they play boring football, the same reason I can't cheer for Baltimore. Some people like the low scoring defensive battles but not me.

Cards 27 - Steelers 17

I'm the same way. I get the feeling I could cheer for Baltimore... if they could just get a little more offence. :lol: