Then there was 4....

So we have my Arizona Cardinals (still not use to being able to admit that) hosting the Philedelphia Eagles in the NFC game and Pittsburg Steelers hosting the Baltimore Ravens. Just seeing what people are thinking the outcomes will be?

My predictions are:
NFC....The eagles don't have the potent running game that the two previous teams the Cardinals have played but i don't think Larry Fitzgerald is gonna get 150 yards plus against Samuels or Dawkins. If the Cardinals defence can continue their unbelievable play i think the cardinals can make it to Tampa. Final score Zona...20, Eagles 17.

AFC....I'm gonna go on record and say who ever wins this game is gonna be the superbowl champs becasue the eagles or cardinals can't beat either of them. But that being said.....its been a good run by rookie QB Joe Flacco but i don't think the ravens D can carry the team against a well rounded Steelers team. Final score Steelers 27 Ravens 9

I'm happy forthe Cardinals. They sold out their game in 6 minutes. They've come a long way. Maybe now it's the Lions turn

My picks are:

Cardinals 28 Eagles 17
Steelers 24 Ravens 20

I don't think there's any way the Cards get by the Eagles. They've been playing some decent ball, but the Philly D will be all over them next weekend.

It's the second game that I'm torn over. The Steelers have a great D, homefield advantage, and they took the season series 2-0. They're definitely the favourites, and I could easily see them winning... But I'd rather see the Ravens win.

So far I'm 3-5, and I'll probably go into the SB 4-6. I'm taking the Eagles and Ravens.

What's the deal with the bird teams? If the Seahawks could've gotten their act together and were still in the AFC we could've had a year with all four bird teams here. Maybe it's up to the cats next year?

We're looking at a Ravens vs. Eagles matchup in February.

I just hope that no one, after this weekend, starts a thread entitled "Then there was 2".

And then follows it up with "Then there was 1." :stuck_out_tongue:

Well at least that would be grammatically correct, for a change.

Oh, that. I think I've been posting on forums for too long because I don't even notice that kind of stuff anymore. In fact, I've noticed my spelling is starting to deteriorate a little bit. Kind of scary...

No one expected the Cards to get to the conference championship, yet they are there, and the Eagles have been known to choke a time or two... :wink: I expect this time to be no different.


eagles win by 4.

i cant decide on the steelers/ravens game.

Eagles and Steelers in the SB. McNabb has had to put up with so much crap, TO, fans trying to drive him out of town, I love the guy. I’m not a big Ray Lewis fan.

Im actually suprised the spread is only 3.5 in favour of the Eagles.

24-6 Cards at halftime, holy crap, I go out snowshoeing with the wife and come back and see the Cards doing this, there is hope for my TiCats afterall!!!!!! :thup:

I officially hate the Cardinals. Three incorrect picks so far. I don't care who their opponent is in the SB, I hope they get destroyed!

Sorry Chief, but all I can say is GO CARDS!

Sorry chief but the way the Cards are playing we're gonna be saying 2009 superbowl champs in the same sentence as them :slight_smile:
Bring on the steelers and their steel curtain defense....we're not scared we got the best WR in football and Anquin Bolden on the other side....and TWO time Superbowl champ Kurt Warner slinging them the ball.

The riders and Cardinals champions within 2 years of each other....what do i want for my other two wishes?