Theme Song suggestion for Blue Bombers

Relentless by The Arkells. Great canadian band. Nice hook line - ie. Relentless - like a Dog on a Bone . . . .

Think thats what Mike O’Shea has been trying to build (semi-successfully) last 5 years.

Like this song like the dickens - and Relentless has been what the bomber D has been like last few games - and what Andrew Harris has been like since he arrived here!

Lyle, I think this is an excellent choice. Great song !

“We got gas in the tank to go all night long”

I LIKE IT ! Good idea.

Well, I do think the current coaching staff (and management) envisioned this type of RELENTLESS style - but the facts show the team has been beset by all kinds of:

indifferent play, easily nicked players, moody leadership, mediocre recruitment, inferior middle-linebacking (Hurl), failed draft picks (too many) & poor training (running out of gas in 2nd half)

We always think a batch of wins is the turning point - but more often than not its just a short-term tease leading to more failure!

I really think we have turned the corner. If we recede in our play now, it will be too obvious to all that some are not trying. We can’t go backwards NOW !

There may be some mistakes made but the bar has been set. I expect nothing less.

…Relentless AND Tenacious…Bighill and Knox…that’s the key to put an end to the drought…Good song Lyle

I think Viagara has already claimed it as their own. :wink:

......All Night Long....Lionel Ritchie has that one all sewed up....every day