THELWELL TO TORONTO - what would you think of cat mngt then?

After all the big cuts in the ticat roster and
the ticat management still could not manage to
beat toronto at grabing THELWELL-

What would you think of our new Management
then?????????? :roll: :roll:

didnt happen so why ask.

just looking for a responce,an opinion. is my opinion
there is some really stupid topics on this site at times..and this is one of them!


I would rather the Cats spend free agent dollars on Naughton McKay-Loescher (DL), Rahim Abdullah (DL)Omar Morgan (DB) and Davin Bush (DB). These guys, along with our existing D personnel and Rod Rust as DC, would make our D great.

Thelwell is too old, in my opinion. I could see the Ticats using both of their top two picks in the draft to select the top two Canadian receivers, which would be cheaper and wiser than throwing cash at Thelwell. B.C. is letting him go for a reason.

My opinion, who cares what the Argos do. As long as the ticats field a competitve team. (notice I said competitve) It's going to take at least a year to get the right personnel on the field for us to be making a Grey Cup run.

our dfence doesnt need nemore upgrading in our backfeild, just our line n mlb, we need to b focusing on wr, sb's..

p.s srry if my typing is messy i got in a fight with a tablesaw yesterday, n of course thetable saw won n im left with one hand to type with, i lost 3 gingers! lol no joke.. srry

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver will always have a slight edge for players in a tight bidding war because of quality of life advantages that such big cities offer. That being siad, I expect the Cats to be significant players in the FA sweeps come February.

Oski Wee Wee,

I have to agree, I like our defensive backfield. Having said that, I'm not Shaw's biggest fan.

In terms of Thelwell... it might happen, but I dont see how the Argos could really afford to outbid us, and who knows... maybe there's a prospect we have waiting in the wings.

I think people need to stop hitting the panic button so early in the off-season.

Didn't notice any difference Blitz21.

Keep up the great posting, and sorry to hear about the gingers.

A freind of mine lost his whole left side in a fight with a tablesaw...he is all right now.

Hope you are feeling better soon, and thanks for keeping your ironman streak going, and playing hurt :thup: