Thelwell to sign with Stamps

I think Lewis might go...he's a distraction, IMO.

Although he is a distraction, he is also a major talent. I hope he stays and I believe he will. Despite some negatives he is a charming character and does alot of good in the local community. As I've said before, some feel that Copeland is a bad influence on Lewis and if one of the two is going, I would hope it wouldn't be Lewis. Remains to be seen.

For the record Copeland also is a good community person, IMO.

Is this wishful thinking? I would love to see him in BC

Yes, I heard the news on the radio today. Stamp fans, you are getting a good receiver. Wow, what a receiving core! Rambo, Lewis, Boerichter, Thelwell and Copeland. If Copeland can get back to form of two years ago, Burris will have lots of good receivers to choose from.

I find it funny fans from other teams would like to have Copeland or Lewis. Sorry folks those guys will not be the ones heading for a new locker room. Dream on. CFLesksfan it is funny how you say Copeland is a bad influence fro what dancing get real my friend. I know one of these gentleman personally and I can tell you they do lots for the organization and the community. And they will not be going anywhere. Yes I know you would like them to be in green and gold but it is not going to happen yoda.

Markus Howell had an amazing "comback year" in 2006 ... hope he gets a fair shot again this season .... maybe Brett Ralph is gonna get toasted

We'll see, I'm saying for the record that Copeland will not play for Calgary past pre-season. Would I like to see him in Green and Gold, in a word, no. Would I like to see Nik Lewis in Green and Gold, you bet. I repeat Nik Lewis is a major talent. Copeland may be a great guy and a hell of a dancer, but he is not a major talent.

He would have to change though.....Eskimos don't dance.

Thats face it you just do not like the dances now put your very very dark glasses back on.

Great assumption Sherlock, I have been very clear that I don't like the choreographed routines. I am a football fan and I pay to watch football. Ryan Thelwell is a guy who up til now lets his talent do the talking, hopefully that continues.

You don't have to be a genius to figure out that 2 starting import receivers will be gone from the Stamps stable. I am hoping that Nik Lewis is not one of them. It won't be Boerighter. That leaves Rambo, Thurman and, Copeland fighting for one spot. You tell me who stays and who goes. Although I don't have salary info I am guessing that due to the cap and simlar talent level amongst these 3, the lowest paid of the 3 will be staying. I am guessing and stress this is only a guess, that Rambo will be the guy with a horse on his helmet. I also think that it is highly possible that all 3 will be out of the Stamps lineup.

The question is who out of the 3 will get the best offer from other teams. The unfortunate part is that other teams know that the Stamps are overstocked at wide receiver (just like Eskimos are over stocked at RB), so there is not a lot being offered up at this point.

Wait til after the free-agents are finished then we will see where the bear craps in the woods.

...I think Rambo will stay and some combo of Copeland/Thurman/Ralph will be packaged for at least a QB and then some....'05, remember Lewis in '04, he had attitude, but not over the top attitude like the last two years, that, like the rest of the posters here, I think came from Copeland the Catalyst....was it terrible?, not really, but it did distract at times....look at the spanking from BC last fall, you can't say that wasn't a motivator for Simon.....

I agree Red, Nik has the potential to be the premier reciever in the CFL this year. The addition of Boerighter is going to provide some room for Lewis, now it's up to the Qb's to get him the ball. It is interesting that the Stamps seem to be bringng in a bunch of "business like" guys(Boerighter, Thelwell). Expect Nik to be cocky and play with an edge but I think that he will go back to the days when he chose to enfuriate the opposition, not the oppositions fans.

If Nik does what Nik does best, this will be his year to shine.

What kind of player is it that needs a motivation to win? You can not tell me Simon pushed himself to 100 per cent performance because of these dances. Sell entertainment gentlemen that is what it is about. The football game needs to be entertaining or no one would show up. Do we need these guys celebrating after touchdowns. The answer is YES! Do they need to do these dances! If it makes them perform better you bet. Yes these little tirades do help the oposition to a degree but really the BC Lions or for that matter any team does not use this to win their games. They go into a game motivated to win already.
As far as two of them having to go do not be suprised they use those two extra import spots for a nimport receiver. If they can get a good quality back up QB by a package deal that would be not a problem. But there are none out there with experience boys .

Do the math RW, you have four receiver positions. Last year you had Rambo, Lewis, Thurmon and, Copeland filling the starter roles. This year Boerighter will fill one of these spots and Thelwell will fill another. That leaves all 4 of last years starters competing for 2 positions. The team simply can't afford to pay all of those salaries.

We all seem to agree that Thurmon will be gone, it is my opinion that Lewis if he has his head in the game is by far the best talent of the group and will be staying. That leaves Rambo and/or Copeland with a bus ticket out of town.

The Ticats will be Waiting for the Cut..

But Think Marcell Make Trade for Copeland

What you never heard of the six pack or did someone turn off your oxygen mask. You can have 5 to 6 receivers and rotate them in. That leather helmet you are wearing may have gotten wet and shrunk. Sorry for the insults but think about it before posting.

In a perfect world your right, you can platoon 20 guys if you have unlimited salary space, huge pockets and unlimited roster size.

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. Two trades today indicate that one of your 4 receiver slots will go to a non-import(Thelwell), leaving room for an import on the O-line. So now you have 3 slots open to imports. Your salary cap dictates that you are not going to pay starting salaries to every Tom, Dick and, Harry who can run a post pattern. You have a allstar RB, when do you take him out for your six-pack?

Face the facts. The present Stamp roster has 5 import starters (7 if you include Ron Johnson and Marcus Howell), plus whatever hopefuls they bring to camp, Competing for 3 Import positions. You don't need to be an accountant to realize, they aren't all staying.

Sound management dictates you trade from strength (receivers) and get what you need. I can't guarantee that Copeland is leaving but I will bet two bits to a hole in a donut that somebody is.

You tell me who it will be.

Well CFLesks fan you show your John Madden GM abilities. But if you look at the salary that is gone you would see that there is room for the main stays of the receiving core (you must be looking at the Eskies plight). The salaries that are gone John Grace, D Maxie, R Abdulah, Gauthier. All large salaries well Maxie would argue that I am sure ha ha ha. So really Rob Johnson, Thurmon and Ralph could be on the bubble. But if you use your John Madden prowness you are at strength for a trade. The cost for a Copeland might be to high in the SMS for other teams. So I figure the three I mentioned above are expendable. Rambo, Thelwell, Howell, Lewis, Boericter, Copeland, are safe IMO. Six pack here we come.
Good luck on your play station there cfleskies.

OK riddle me this, oh wise one.

Supposing you are correct and that the Stamps will go with 5 Import, Starting Recievers. The CFL rules allow for 17 Import Starters. We have one offensive lineman, one Qb and 2 Import Running backs (based on last season). Using old math, that adds up to 9 Imports on offence, leaving 8 import positions available for use on the defensive side of the ball, and special teams.

Last year, the Stamps started 11 Import players on defense.

Supposing you are correct and they are keepin all 5 of your Import Receivers in the starting line-up. Which 3 Defensive positions are you going to replace with a non-import?

Oh wait, I have a great idea. They could trade for non-import players to play on defense so that we can continue to stock up on import receivers.

Now who are we going to trade to get these non-imports, let's see..........

17 is out of date, thats from a few years ago when there was a 39 man roster (I know, they still show the wrong figures on the website, I have stopped writing them to point out their error). Teams now have a 42 person game roster, 3 of which are qbs whom are exempt from the quota.