Thelwell to sign with Stamps

Thelwell to sign with Stamps
February 14, 2007

Thelwell agrees to deal with Stampeders -- The Calgary Stampeders have agreed to terms with wide receiver Ryan Thelwell, CKNW Radio in Vancouver is reporting. The deal is expected to be one year plus an option that will pay the London, Ontario native $115,000 next season.

While the free agency period in the Canadian Footlball League does not begin until Thursday at midnight, the B.C. Lions had given the Stampeders permission to talk to the six-year CFL veteran. The deal is expected to be announced Thursday.

Known to the Lions faithful as "Automatic" because he always seems to catch the ball, Thelwell is a two-time West All-Star. His numbers dipped a bit last season after setting career highs in 2005 with 1,035 receiving yards and seven touchdowns.

During is college stint at Minnesota , Thelwell set a school record with 1,051 receiving yards and was a second team All-Big Ten selection in 1996. That season he was ranked third in his conference and 18th nationally, averaging 95.6 receiving yards per game. He was later drafted by the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League.

i told red :stuck_out_tongue: lol

You just beat me to it, now the Stamps are picking up Lion castoffs, sounds like the Bombers.

Ya piggy it is much better then bomber cast offs but then again Brian Clark is not a bad cast off. Yup those lIons were real crappy last year NOT! He is a good Canadian receiver the Stamps need.

Well, you do have Marcus Howell too.

Howell will be doing his special teams act and receiving. So I believe Thurmon just may be traded somewhere.

Good Hamilton needs a WR..

But Rambo would be Better Trade..

Weird move IMO. The Stamps already have arguably the best receiving corps in the league, there's not much need to make it stronger(maybe focus on an area that needs more immediate attention?). All they need is a QB to utilize all of the receivers on a CONSISTENT BASIS(Burris... :roll: ). I know that there aren't any available, so they'll obviously have to stick with Burris.

Didnt you sign Brokerectum too, how many receivers does Hank need on the field to complete a pass for cripes sakes.

Man You over paid 115,000 for one year..

They required a Canadian receiver. Brett Ralph who is good but to small. He and Thurmon will be odd man out.

i like this move.....thellwell is a great reciver

Copeland renegotiated his contract so he will not be odd man out. My bet would be ET and Ralph.
Rambo, Boericter, Lewis, Copeland, Howell and Thelwell will look good in red and white. The weak link to our receivers was a good Canadian.
Could George Cortez be thinking six pack receiver set.

im guessing that copeland an ET will be out i think ET will be in hamiltion and copeland will come to the peg :d

And the rich just got richer. Anyone who knows
anything about the Canadian football league realizes
you cant have enough Canadian talent.

He'll be on the field on a consistent basis with
Howell and Ralph subbing him off. This way Howell
can concentrate more on his return game.

Good job Jim!

I hate to tell you Copeland is going nowhere he just renegotiated his contract. My guess would be Thurmon and Ralph are on the block.

Having a contract does not mean he will play in Calgary next year. I would still be surprized to se Mr. Twinkletoes in Calgary by the time the regular season starts.

if you have 6 receivers, then joffrey wont get much time so your gonna have to cut 2 receivers im thinking ken-yon and elijah

Well according to the article on this site's homepage nothing is official yet. Apparantly other teams, including Winnipeg, are still in the hunt.

Well maybe so but I do not think they can afford him at that price. Just maybe you sell all your pop bottles you can out bid by 50 cents.