Thelwell retires again

This one was easy to spot. But damn he had a gravy season! Dressed for a few games, collected a few pay cheques and got a Grey Cup ring! Pretty sweet if you ask me.
Jamal Robertson also called it a career. He did pretty good for us but you could tell he was getting close to the end too. But to go out with a Grey Cup, that's a good way to end even if you were on the bench.

Is it just me or does BC seem to go through runningbacks really quickly? I can't even keep track of all the ones we've gone through in the last 10 years!

It certainly feels like there's been more than most teams have had, but I think you guys have got a keeper for awhile with Harris. Every other team is fairly stable at the RB position, too, so I don't foresee him getting traded or anything of the like.

Edmonton's the same way. I think Whitlock lasted the longest among the dozen or so we've had in the last 5 years.

(Guess I should've added "among starters" as McCarty has been around the longest.)

It's nice to go out on top. Enjoy retirement, guys. :thup:

BC plays as much of a passing game than anybody in the CFL, if not more. It's been like that for a while, therefore the RB you have is inconsequential. The RB's in BC need to be able to block and catch outside of the backfield more than anything.

Anyways, Robertson is a really classy guy. Good luck to both him and Thelwell (must be pretty cool to come out of retirement and win a ring)

"Inconsequential"? I guess we should all call-up Wally and tell him not to bother bringing any new RB's into camp next year, there's no need to have any competition for the starting job.

My point is running backs are interchangeable. Wally has gone from Antonio Warren, Joe Smith, Stefan Logan, Jamal Robertson and Andrew Harris in 5 seasons and to be honest there really isn't a difference.

That's why when Fred Reid went down, Winnipeg found a guy who could do just as well in Chris Garrett. Montreal replaced Avon Coubourne no problem with Brandon Whittaker and Edmonton replaced Arkee Whitlock with Daniel Porter because of injury. Now both are gone and they have a NI RB who rushed for 1000 yards.

My point remains, no CFL team is really worried about finding a running back. They're a dime a dozen.

you'd think so, yet you have the Saskatchewan Roughriders who the last two seasons (last year especially) can't seem to find a good running game.

RB's may be "a dime a dozen" because the CFL requires more of a RB than the NFL does. In the CFL being a good RB isn't enough, you also need to be able to block, return kicks and catch passes. The NFL is not restrained by an import rule, roster quotas or financial limits so it is not as important for players to be multi-dimensional but in the CFL (especially for imports) it's almost mandatory. As difficult as it is to find a guy that can do all that at the top levels it's not hard to find a guy that can perform well at most of them.