Theismann, Rocket Ismail, Allen, Clemons to attend opener

fantastic, but where is Flutie?

Toronto Argonauts PR ?@Argonauts_PR
#Argos Greats Joe Theismann, Damon Allen, Pinball Clemons & Rocket Ismail will be attending the tailgate and home opener at BMO Field. #CFL

Awesome effort being put forth by the boatmen.


It will pay off it just needs time and word of mouth after getting a taste of the new Argo atmosphere . It will be great to party there this summer looking forward to it .

To have the 100th Grey Cup belonging to the Argonauts and the first, now combined with the new football digs and real quality ownership, well, looking good for the Double Blue.

Great. They are going all out. :smiley:

Can not wait to see the first game on tv. :thup:

How will the haters cope ? :roll:

Screw you Dean Blunder. :thdn:

Loving the push in Toronto.

Sad story from last November about Doug Flutie's parents dying hours apart.
The article mentions that he played 12 seasons in the NFL for New England, Buffalo, San Diego, Chicago and went to Boston College but nothing about his time with the Argos?

ESPN College analyst and Dancing with the Stars contestant.

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Maybe he will show up.

If they don't sell out or at least come close to it , (and they are quite aways away right now ) you can bet the haters will be out in full force in Toronto !

hope so.
Flutie is arguably the greatest Argo/CFL player in history and the club should try to do everything in their power to have him at the opener.

If Flutie is/was available, he would show up. He has been the CFL's greatest American salesman (along with Chris Berman)

‘You couldn’t tell me winning a Super Bowl would feel any nicer’ Jun. 24, 2014

BTW, I am not just talking about Toronto media.

Includes the RPB's. Never noticed or cared about this group before. They came up here in a subject and I got curious.
Looked at their forum and never seen such negative hits to the Argos. Would never guess these guys are in Toronto.

Theismann, Rocket Ismail, Allen, Clemons ...
Someone needs to get a picture of all four of those guys smiling, next to an "Argos Suck" sign.

I assume there will be Cats fans a plenty filling some seats.

Perhaps some will show up with a sign that you suggest.

Photo ops anyone ?

They could have changed nothing but the stadium and the season would be a huge step up over last year in the dungeon. Looks like new ownership is at least trying to create a fresh start with fans and work toward a more fan friendly experience than the Skydump and the evil empire ever allowed.

First time in years I've been looking at Argos tickets. Never been to BMO but based on the pics from the virtual seating chart it looks like it will be hard to find a bad seat.

No bad seats in the stadium and the mini-package they offer is a great deal. You won't find cheaper tickets in any stadium in the CFL. They have upper deck East Side tickets for $20 you won't find that anywhere plus $4 beers at the tail gate.

Holy. Just need to add Greer and Holloway (aside from Flutie) and you'd have real reunion. Throw in D.K. Smith too (but I think he's still mad...)

Lol. :thup:

Theismann will be a guest on Blundell's morning show tomorrow, I believe. Bet Dean sucks up and doesn't dare put down the argos until after Theismann leaves the building.

As far as I can recall Theismann was "ashamed" to be associated with the Argos after the Ricky Williams signing in 2006, perhaps Blundell will be looking to capitalise on that and drag the Argos down. I don't trust him to say anything good about the Argos, the Ticats or the league in general.