Theismann on the CFL, etc.

From an interview between Theismann and Mark Masters of the NP:

[b]How is the CFL viewed in the U.S.?[/b]

I don’t think there’s doubt in anybody’s mind that the CFL is big-time football. It’s just they don’t have the marketing or public relations behind it in the United States. You don’t have that vehicle out there pushing the player names. The people in the know know what’s going on, but the casual fans are not as familiar.

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This isn't the first time Theismann has made these kinds of comments about the CFL, so it's not surprising that he would still be making them. Contrast his comments with those made by Dan Marino several years ago in which he scoffed at the CFL. Of course one actually knew what he was talking about and the other didn't.

Eh. Marino never won a championship. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dan Marino might very well have had a difficult time in the CFL aka Vince Ferragamo. :cowboy: Just sounded like jealousy on his part that any league would get any attention other than the NFL and any pro level. A league he never played in therefore it's not worthy.

Come to think of it, I think a certain chunk of Canadians feel the CFL shouldn't be getting any recognition either. But then these people are idiots IMHO.

A lot of guys have scoffed at the CFL. Tom Jackson did it once back in 2001 or so when Chris Berman said the best receiver in football was Milt Stegall. Ever since then, I've disregarded most anything Jackson has said.

And I normally find Theismann to be an insufferable pant load -- his views on Brady Quinn's hair at the draft made Theismann look like an absolute buffoon -- but it's nice to hear him say some nice stuff about the CFL.