Some harsh words...but he does make a valid point.

"We have rules in the National Football League. It's real simple. Don't do drugs and you can play. It's a privilege to be able to play professional football. It's not some rite of passage."

Oh, Ricky, you're so fine,
You're so fine you blow my mind.

Hey, Ricky!
Hey, Ricky!

"We have rules in the National Football League. It's real simple. Don't do drugs and you can play. It's a privilege to be able to play professional football. It's not some rite of passage."
Why is it a privilege to play professional football?

If you're good enough to play professional football, and some team wants you to play professional football for them, and you agree to play for what they're willing to pay you, and you don't break any rules of the league that team plays in, well then you sign a contract and you play professional football. (Unless of course it's the CFL or F1 racing, where if there's a rule that one team needs changed in order for one team to gain an unfair advantage over the other teams, the league just changes it, but that's beside the point).

Where does privilege come into it?

Joe T is full of himself.

Joe T is full of himself.
In the words of another regular ...



Perezhogin went to play in Russia, after he whacked a guy in the head in the AHL.
He was suspended for a year.

(Though this is obviously different than drugs.)

Yeah he did, but that doesn't mean that anyone who disagrees with this Ricky signing was in agreement of the Perezhogin one.

It's just another player that can get away with whatever he wants because he is a professional athlete and there are "bush-league" teams that will sign these idiots regardless of what they've done.

Great another big mouth NFL great dissing the great CFL again!

Say it ain’t so Joe!

Who are the other NFL greats
that have dissed the CFL? :?

Sean Salsbury, but I guess he can't be considered great.

The 2nd last QB to lead the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
to the Grey Cup also said this.

I found it "googling him"

Salisbury won't be remembered as the greatest quarterback in Bombers history, but he did enough to get the job done in his first season, when Winnipeg beat the B.C. Lions 22-21 in Ottawa.

The Bombers started slowly in '88, but "we got hot and rolled right through it," said Salisbury, who completed 12 of 32 attempts for 246 yards and a touchdown in the big game. "... I get so many good memories from that, from the guys on the team. The Chris Walbys of the world and Bob Camerons. I was just fortunate, man.


"There were some great, great people on that team."

Salisbury was off to the NFL after the '89 season, and he credits his two years in Winnipeg for making that happen. After spending the next seven years in the NFL, mostly with the Minnesota Vikings, Salisbury got into the communication and entertainment business.

On ESPN about a month ago when the news broke that Ricky was considering playing in the CFL Sean said it would be a huge mistake because it would be a waste of time for him, the money is bad, and he could get injured. He didn't seem to fond of the league or mention that the CFL is the reason he had a profootball career.

Theisman should have stayed in the CFL as a QB, instead of going to nfl to be a kick returner, by the time the skins started him at QB, he was past his prime!

And he also wouldn't have met Mr. Lawrence Taylor.

JOES son is a CRACK-HEAD, so why is he knockin on ricky?

toronto sun article:

Theismann's son, Joe, pled guilty in 2002 to dealing cocaine and possession drug paraphernalia. In 2003, he was sentenced to a 10-year suspended prison term and placed on probation for five years and ordered to pay $2,500.

"If I was his son, and he's calling this guy (Williams) a drug addict and he should quit (football) and he's a loser, I'd be shattered," Cynamon added. "This thing is really bothersome."

joe is pathetic....maybe he shoulda raised his own son properly b4 taking shots at ricky!

Don't forget, Joe's hang-up is not just with Ricky, but with the Dolphins organization too. Back in the early 70s, he had agreed to play for Miami, and even signed a contract, but then the schmoozing powers of Leo Cahill compelled him to come north. The Dolphins were livid, and them and Joe have had a feud ever since.

This, coupled with his son's troubles, suggests a little mea culpa would've been in order before launching a self-righteous rant.

I thought he had issues after I heard his rant. It was full of hurt. There's no other way to describe his venomous rant.

It's totally understandable. I feel sorry for Joe. I think he's wrong, but I see where's he's coming from now.

Nice find drummer_god.

but the argos made a good point:

if your his son, and u hear your dad calling a guy who smoked pot a ‘loser, an addict’, and a bunch of other stuff…then what does that say he thinks about u, when your a former crack-head?

Joe WHO???

Hey Drumstick ...ugly photo.... :cowboy:

yea, perhaps its time for a change.